Academic pursuit makes up just one aspect of a Putney student’s day. She stretches her mind in class and broadens her horizons outside. She pursues co-curricular activities in a supportive environment, which encourages her to try new things.

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"The teachers are definitely there for your benefit and they are there to help you and encourage you."

Putney Pupil

Life at Junior School

We believe that childhood is a time to explore. Our pupils take a passionate interest in the world around them within a nurturing, happy and stimulating environment.

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Life at Senior School

Putney High School has been expert in educating girls for over 125 years, which means we can draw on a wealth of experience in how girls learn best and prepare them for a world of opportunity.

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Life at Sixth Form

Our Sixth Form has been designed to create an environment closer to university level study, encouraging girls to push their learning and look to the future. Seminar style teaching creates the expectation that girls will lead conversation and debate with their teachers and peers.

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