Our teachers want you to become an inspired learner with an inquisitive, original mindset. As experts in their fields, they’ll share with you their infectious passion for their subjects and ensure you are stretched and challenged, but also play to your strengths.

Putney will offer you a wide selection of subjects at GCSE and A Level and a curriculum that is founded in scholarship and tailored to helping you achieve outstanding results.

We have a cross-curricular approach to learning and offer a co-curricular programme designed to motivate you beyond the passing of exams. You will be empowered to be curious, to take risks, to problem solve and above all, to think differently. We want you to leave Putney educated in the broadest sense: high achieving, future-ready and with the skills and confidence to succeed in your ambitions.

Junior Curriculum

Ages 4-11

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Senior Curriculum

Ages 11-16

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Sixth Form Curriculum

Ages 16-18

Sixth Form Curriculum

GCSE and A Level results

Our results don’t reflect the talent, hard work and growth mindset developed in our students: our students can do that for themselves. But we think their results are pretty impressive.

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Leavers’ Destinations

Our students’ lives at Putney are just the start of their academic journey. We give pupils the tools they need to learn and develop at the world’s most illustrious universities, US colleges, conservatoires and art schools. Discover the further education institutions where you might bump into one of our recent alumnae…

Our Leavers' Destinations

We were encouraged to think, engage and ask questions about the world around us, and how we could have an impact on society.

Fiona Walport (class of 2011)
Studying for a PHD in Civil and Environmental Engineering at Imperial College, London

Modern Scholarship

Modern Scholarship requires rigour and analytical skills but also a distinctly entrepreneurial style of thinking.

Putney High School Learning and Research

At Putney, we pursue a ‘no limits’ approach to our teaching and learning, aiming to innovate, challenge and stretch not only our own teaching staff but also provide a platform to share our ideas with a wider audience.

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