Putney High School is the top girls’ school in the country for sport, and number 2 in the all-school rankings.

In the Junior School, all our girls benefit from a games afternoon and separate lesson of PE/Swimming a week taught by our specialist teachers. Their task is to ensure every girl is given the opportunity to achieve her full potential in every area of the subject. To achieve this the focus is on individual feedback and target setting; we actively encourage all the girls to concentrate on their own progress rather than comparing themselves to others.

Throughout our PE curriculum, we aim for all girls to discover and develop:

  • A huge range of skills and techniques in a variety of team and individual sports
  • Sportsmanship and team spirit
  • A deeper sense of wellbeing and ability to manage emotions
  • A love of movement
  • A desire to participate competitively and non-competitively in sport
  • Motivation to immerse themselves

PE Curriculum

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Reception learn a variety of basic gymnastics skills that develop their coordination, climbing, special awareness, creativity and body control. They explore different ways of moving over, under and through equipment and how to land safely.  The girls are taught how to rotate forwards, backwards and sideways using a variety of different gymnastics equipment and how to link skills together.

Year 3- 6 progress these skills and are taught specific gymnastics moves that they perform as a sequence on the floor. The girls are given a variety of stations to work on to help break down moves using top gymnastics equipment. Year 3-6 are taught how to get power from the spring board and demonstrate flight when performing over the vault.

We  have numerous gymnastic teams and squads catering to pupils of different skill levels allowing them to get an equal share of taking part and advancing in their favourite sport.

  • U7/U9/U11 Squad
  • U7/U9/U11 Development Teams
  • Y1/Y2/Y3-6 Novice Gymnastics

Our novice gymnastics team train for 40 minutes per week. U7 development teams partake in a 1 hour training session per week, while U9 and U11 development train for 2 hours. The U9 and U11 squad train for 4 hours per week.

Gym and Dance Production


Dance is extremely popular at Putney and across all years, students are encouraged to develop the skills to effectively move their body in rhythm and to copy and create choreography to a theme.

Many girls are involved in dance classes outside of school and attend dance club in school, led by a professional choreographer and teacher who is  based at Pineapple Studios, London.


Every girl from Year 3-6 is given the opportunity to develop her netball skills during lunch time clubs. The girls play fixtures during games afternoons and after school.

The school has competitive A-E teams and last year won the year 6 Inclusive tournament hosted at Kingston Grammar school. We are U11 Surrey champions and Trust champions.

Pop Lacrosse

Beginning in Year 3 the girls enjoy developing their Pop Lacrosse skills up to Year 6, in preparation for joining the senior school. We play A-C fixtures with selective fixtures for Year 6 pupils.

Most of our girls have been so influenced by the sport that they have joined local teams outside of school.


All girls begin to develop their foot eye coordination as early as Reception. As the girls reach Year 5 and Year 6 they have the opportunity to attend the GDST Football tournament; there is also a Surbiton football tournament for Year 5s to compete in.

We have over 60 girls participating in ball skills and football specific skills, training takes place during lunch times throughout the week. We also have a football club for Year 1.



Inspired by the successes of England’s female cricket team, in recent seasons the girls in years 3 to 6 have taken part in isolated drills and match play during lessons in the summer term.

They also go offsite for fixtures against other schools at the Wimbledon Rugby club and the Roehampton playing fields. We enter a team into the GDST cricket tournament every year.

Early years and KS1 prepare for striking and fielding sports like cricket and rounders by playing fun games focusing on both roles.
Students test out their hand-eye coordination while learning the rules and tactics of these sports by improving their aim while striking and their throwing and catching skills when fielding.


Tennis is a big focus of the summer term, with girls across all year participating in tennis during PE. From learning the basics in ‘mini tennis’ for early years and KS1, to being selected for the Surrey tennis tournament from Years 4-6.

Girls in the junior school are offered private tennis lessons with the school’s coaches and many play in clubs outside school.

Table Tennis

Commonwealth silver medallist Darius Knight runs our table tennis club twice a week before school. Students are taught everything from the basic skills to match play and scoring. Teams enter regional competitions.


The girls swim once a week, one term per year. They are split into three groups and taught by trained coaches at Putney Leisure Centre pool. They are taught the basics of strokes up to preparation for galas. The coaches work with groups to break down the strokes and to isolate the body parts required to perform the stroke efficiently.

We regularly take teams of students from years 3-6 to swimming galas where they compete against other schools in a variety of individual and team events. Many students swim regularly and at high levels outside of school.

Scooter Training

Alternative Sports


Sports Day

Putney High School is renowned for its sporting achievement and many girls go on to perform at County, Regional and National level. This sets a very high benchmark for sport at our school. Putney High School is often invited to compete in top level competitions.


The purpose of the Co-curricular sports programme is to enable the girls to practise more sport outside of curriculum lessons. The activities in the Co-curricular sports programme are designed to be as inclusive as possible giving all girls the chance to enjoy a range of sports.

The Co-curricular sports programme gives the girls access to different sports not offered in the curriculum; these include Judo, Street Dance, Volleyball, Cross Country Running and Rowing. Other sports offered in the Co-curricular sports programme include Netball, Dance, Gymnastics (club and squad), Rounders, Athletics and Tennis (club and squad) and provide extra time for the girls to prepare for fixtures, tournaments and competitions and further increases their skills and understanding.

All sports practices take place during lunchtime or after school and are led by our specialist teachers or external coaches.

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