A Level Choices 2024

A Level Choices 2024

Learning Without Limits...

There are no limits to learning at Putney.

In our Sixth Form, students typically study three or four A Levels across a wide range of options with great flexibility of choice. From Classics to Chemistry, English to Extended Project, Mandarin to Mathematics; the curriculum is personalised to your needs and your chosen areas of study.

All A Level subjects are taught in seminar style, led by teachers who are experts in their field and at the forefront of educational research. You will have the opportunity to lead conversation and debate with both your teachers and peers.

You will be expected and encouraged to open your mind and to push at the boundaries of the curriculum, extending your studies with debates, lectures, extended reading and discussion groups alongside expert speakers and inspiring external visits.

Extension and Tailored Learning

Our super-curricular programme offers stretch and extension, going beyond the curriculum to help you to develop yours skills in a subject area which excites you.

Many choose to supplement their A Level study with other qualifications, e.g. the highly regarded Extended Project Qualification, where you study, build and present your own research project in a particular field of interest. This allows students to truly tailor their A Level experience, to stretch themselves intellectually and to prepare for the independent learning style of university study.

The Athena Programme

Modules and Futures

Available to all Sixth Form students, the Athena Programme offers a customisable plan of self-directed study and supports them as they learn to think differently and explore their academic passions outside the classroom.

In Year 12 the programme modules are developed and expanded through Putney’s Futures programme (weekly seminars and tutorial discussions based on academic texts studied in advance.) Students in Years 12 are also strongly encouraged to engage in a “long course”: Future Learn/Harvard Courses.

In Year 12 the award is given upon the delivery of a final presentation on their programme of study. In Year 13 the award is given following a viva voce.

Futures are university style extension sessions run across every department. They focus on going beyond the prescribed A Level syllabus. Sessions will often take the form of discussing an academic text (read in advance) or students may research and deliver presentations to the group on a topic of their choice. For example, in Politics Futures we explore key political thinkers throughout time, the nature of being, and the function and purpose of government.
Examples of presentations include Populism, Nationalism and the 2020 US Primaries. In Year 13 Futures moves more towards Oxbridge interview preparation.

LEAP Lecture Series

Our LEAP Lecture series is a series of talks delivered by staff to Year 12 students.

The 40 minute lectures cover many disciplines (typically particular areas of academic interest or staff expertise) and are designed to whet students’ appetites for university courses and prepare them for lecture style learning.

LEAP Lecture Series – Spring 2023

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