Women of the future

Putney High School is just the beginning, it is our alumnae that tell the full story.

From the moment you become a pupil at Putney, you join an extensive and inspiring group of women who have embarked on their adult lives with spirit and the will to succeed, on a myriad of different paths.

There are so many we could mention, but here are just a few of their stories…

Wildlife Filmmaker, Producer and Director, Rosie Thomas

Since leaving Putney in 1998, Rosie has traveled the world to film a wide range of different animals for a number of multi-award winning series such as ‘Life’, ‘Africa’ and ‘Monkey Planet’. From elephants in Central Africa to lizards in Tasmania, filming from boats, helicopters, in the thickest of forests, up mountains and even in remote deserts.

Her innovative and ground breaking work alongside some of the world’s leading experts in their field, has not only captured outstanding footage for the public to enjoy, but helped raise the profile of the fragility of our living world.

Most recently, as the Producer, she spent two years shadowing a single group of chimpanzees in a remote part of Senegal for the BBC Dynasties Chimpanzee’ episode, which aired on BBC One in November 2018. Since then it has been broadcast all around the globe, and to date, it has been viewed by over 300 million people and has already received a number of awards and award nominations.

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Vice President within HSBC's Public Sector Banking Team, Anoushka Mehta

Since leaving Putney in 2010, Anoushka has taken the banking world by storm. After completing The HSBC Graduate Programme in London, Anoushka moved to New York to take on a position in the Public Sector Banking team within the Investment Bank.

Now, three years later, Anoushka has been announced as Vice President of  the Public Sector Banking team within HSBC’s Investment Bank. Whilst catapulting up the career ladder, Anoushka has persevered with her passion for equality and networking and is in the midst of establishing the first American GDST Alumnae network.

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I remember my time at Putney with great fondness. I was encouraged to face life with confidence and courage but most importantly to push myself out of my comfort zone and to thrive even in the face of a challenge.

Anoushka Mehta
Class of 2010. Vice President within HSBC's Public Sector Banking Team

Putney offered such good teaching and such a grounding for life. In the job I do now I am learning all the time - about the subject matter of the film, the locations we are filming in, the people I am working with...it never stops and is the joy of the work. Putney High School set me up well for my world.

Jenny Beavan OBE
Class of 1968. Double Oscar-winning costume designer

Stay Involved

As a Putney alumna, you remain a valuable part of our community and a role model to the many who will follow in your footsteps. Perhaps you could offer work experience, or even spare the time to speak to current students.

Whatever your level of involvement, we hope you will enjoy being part of our alumnae network, staying in touch friends, telling us your news, but above all, remaining a part of the ongoing life of our school.

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Inspiring the Next Generation

Careers advice, news and more from our alumnae.

The benefits of a girls-only education are particularly apparent when entering the workplace. Putney alumnae are fearless and feisty, don't even consider that anything should hold them back, or that any career would be beyond them.

Suzie Longstaff, Current Headmistress
In an interview with Angels & Urchins Magazine, Spring 2019

Alumnae Events

Reunions and events are a great way to keep in touch with old friends. Find out what has been happening at Putney High School and what is coming up...

The History of Putney High School Alumnae

We have been educating girls since we first opened our doors as East Putney High School on 19 September 1893.

Both society and the school have come a long way since we welcomed those first 54 fearless young women, but our aims remain unchanged: to educate, to inspire and to prepare pupils from a range of backgrounds to find their passions, achieve their ambitions and to prepare them for a future filled with opportunity.

Our History

Alumnae Timeline

This timeline shows the history of the school, as well some highlights from our photo archive and the names of some of our notable alumnae.

Please note that the date in brackets next to an alumna’s name denotes their ‘class of’ (the year they and their classmates would have complete their A Levels/Year 13/Upper Sixth). For example, Ursula Owen (1955) is in the class of 1955.

If you would like to submit any photos to the school’s archive, please let us know by emailing alumnae@put.gdst.net  you may even find it features on our timeline!

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