Women of the future

Putney High School is just the beginning, it is our alumnae that tell the full story.

From the moment you become a pupil at Putney, you join an extensive and inspiring group of women who have embarked on their adult lives with spirit and the will to succeed, on a myriad of different paths.

There are so many we could mention, but here are just a few of their stories…

Lan-Tien Guo, class of 2019, former bursary recipient

Lan-Tien Guo – alumna and former bursary recipient class of 2019

“The bursary I received from Putney High School has been extremely rewarding to both my academic and personal life. I met some amazing people with whom I share a bond holding memories of our time there, and an education that I believe will enhance and affect the rest of my life.
It helped me along a path of facilitating and nurturing my dreams, as I am now able to study at the University of Bristol. Thanks to the bursary, I was given the support and means to freely discover my interests, skills, and passions in an academic, creative, and free-thinking atmosphere, with excellent teaching and support systems. It’s exciting to think of others who might get to experience that too.”

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New date set for Parents and Alumnae Choir

Following the success of this year’s event, a date has been set for next year’s parents and alumnae choir.

We are planning to sing Faure’s Requiem on Thursday 27 April 2023.

Rehearsal Times will be Mondays from 6.45pm – 8pm in the Large Music Room of Putney’s new Athena Centre on the following days: 

20, 27 February 2023
6, 13, 20, 27 March 2023
24 April 2023
27 April (afternoon) 2023

A sign-up sheet will be sent out to our alumnae in January 2023.

Please save the date!

Named in the 2020 HERoes Lists: Women Future Leaders

Anoushka Mehta (class of 2010) has taken the banking world by storm. After completing the HSBC graduate programme in London, Anoushka moved to the New York office to take on a position in the Public Sector Banking team within the Investment Bank.

Now, Anoushka has been named 36th in the 100 Future Women Leaders which celebrates inspirational women who are not yet senior leaders in an organisation but are making a significant contribution to gender diversity at work.

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Entrepreneurial Spirit

Alumna Lucy Lettice (class of 2011) and her mum, Claire, are changing the conversation around period care – working hard to promote women’s health, raise awareness and smash stigma through their company &SISTERS. Find out how…


If there is one thing that Putney High has taught me is don’t just work hard, work smart. Sometimes you need to take a step back to see the bigger opportunity, create your vision and set manageable goals to achieve it.

Rachel Prince (née Jones)
Owner of re|Born

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We value our alumnae community hugely and hope that, whatever you are doing now, you will enjoy being part of our alumnae network, staying in touch friends, telling us your news, and above all, remaining a part of the ongoing life of our school.

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The benefits of a girls-only education are particularly apparent when entering the workplace. Putney alumnae are fearless and feisty, don't even consider that anything should hold them back, or that any career would be beyond them.

Suzie Longstaff, Current Headmistress
In an interview with Angels & Urchins Magazine, Spring 2019

Alumnae Events

Reunions and events are a great way to keep in touch with old friends. Find out what has been happening at Putney High School and what is coming up...

Supporting Your Old School

There are a number of ways that you can support us, and we thank you for considering to do so.

This could be giving up some of your time to provide guidance on university course or careers. Alternatively, there are of course ways that you could financially support us and more information can be found by following the link below.

If you have any questions, or would like to be involved, please don’t hesitate to get in contact (development@put.gdst.net)

We are grateful for each and every way that alumnae feel able to support their old school. Thank you.

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I support the bursary fund because I was an assisted pupil myself and I have always been grateful for the education that I received, the inspiring teachers and lifelong friends.


The History of Putney High School Alumnae

We have been educating girls since we first opened our doors as East Putney High School on 19 September 1893.

Both society and the school have come a long way since we welcomed those first 54 fearless young women, but our aims remain unchanged: to educate, to inspire and to prepare pupils from a range of backgrounds to find their passions, achieve their ambitions and to prepare them for a future filled with opportunity.

Our History

Alumnae Timeline

This timeline shows the history of the school, as well some highlights from our photo archive and the names of some of our notable alumnae.

Please note that the date in brackets next to an alumna’s name denotes their ‘class of’ (the year they and their classmates would have complete their A Levels/Year 13/Upper Sixth). For example, Ursula Owen (1955) is in the class of 1955.

If you would like to submit any photos to the school’s archive, please let us know by emailing alumnae@put.gdst.net  you may even find it features on our timeline!

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