Made in Putney

Our results are exceptional but our students are exemplary. They question, challenge, explore and share. They open their minds, form opinions and are open to having their thoughts challenged. They are fearless: to try, to fail and to succeed.

Our pupils try anything – a new instrument, a different sport, a fresh skill. When they’ve mastered them, they’ll start their own club. School life begins in the classroom, but there is just as much to learn outside it.

Ours is a down-to-earth and considerate community where students create lifelong friendships. They are encouraged to work together, to support and to care for those with whom they share their school years.

We select girls with potential, but we believe that they are made in Putney.

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Academically Outstanding

Our results compete with the very best in London. We perform to the very highest academic standards, and those standards continues to rise. Our teachers are inspirational, using their own professional accomplishments to lead by example.

This solid foundation in modern scholarship allows Putney students to go further in their education and when they leave us, to take up places at the world’s most prestigious universities, art colleges and conservatoires.

Intellectually Curious

Putney pupils are never “spoon fed”. They learn to discover, to question and to consider the concepts they encounter.

Fuelled by a relentless curiosity, every pupil’s journey through the school helps her to become a confident and ambitious learner, eager to find her passions, to fulfil her potential and ultimately to forge her own path, whatever that may be.

Forward Thinking

Agile, creative thinking is key to a Putney education. In every subject from mathematics and computing to languages and humanities, the approach to learning is innovative and forward thinking.

From animation workshops in the Junior School to explorations of the impact of VR and AI in the Senior School, we are future-proofing our students’ education, ensuring they leave us digitally literate and fully prepared for 21st century careers.

Exciting and Enabling

Academic excellence is only half the story. Life at Putney is about giving pupils the freedom to explore what excites them and the opportunity to broaden their passions. There is so much to get involved in – from sports teams, to musical and dramatic performances, competition and debate across the country, and international trips to experience other cultures and practise foreign languages.

Learning is at the heart of everything we do. But it’s just the start of what makes our school.

'I am thrilled to have been appointed as Head of Putney High School. I share the school’s passion for forward-thinking excellence and I prize the down to earth, warm approach that typifies the Putney experience, and that inspires each and every student to be curious, creative and bold.'
Jo Sharrock, Head

This school is intellectually high-achieving but it also has a human face.

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