Posted: 5 October, 2020

Junior School MFL: Day of Translation in the ‘Brain Gym’

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Understanding the impact, curiosity and need of translation/interpretation in our diverse societies has never been more echoed in the reality of pupils in the UK and beyond. Being away from school earlier this year meant that some families faced challenges in accessing and supporting Distance Learning should English not be their native/communication language.

On many occasions, pupils were responsible for the complex “brain gym” of translating or interpreting some of the school tasks, letters and announcements to their parents or carers. This is a recent reality that had shed a light on the rewarding yet demanding skills of translation/interpretation; therefore, it felt only natural to let our girls have a glimpse into this special and sometimes unknown world with the celebration of the International Day of Translation in our Modern Foreign Languages lessons last week.

The girls were exposed to a video explaining the key similarities and differences between translating and interpreting and were explained the joys and challenges of this field. They were particularly amazed at discovering that some words/phrases do not necessarily have an equivalent in the target language!

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