A Day in the Life

Emma is studying for A Levels in Chemistry, Biology, Physics and French. Read her description of a typical day...

The Sixth Form is very much run by you, for you and there are countless ways to get involved. The facilities in our dedicated Sixth Form Centre are primarily for your use and whether you are catching up with friends over coffee in our Sixth Form diner, relaxing in the Lounge, or training in the FOPHS fitness suite, we really want you to feel that this is a place for you to call your own and start building towards life at university.

Lara joined Putney in the Sixth Form and is currently studying for A Levels in Biology, Chemistry and Psychology with AS Level Mathematics and an EPQ.

“Moving schools can be daunting but my year group have been so welcoming and there are so many ways that you can meet people and make friends here. There is so much going on that you are bound to meet the group of people that are ‘for you’.

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Mio, class of 2019, studied for A Levels in Music, Psychology and
pre-U Mandarin. She has taken up a Music Scholarship at the Royal Academy of Music.

“I am a violinist, and typically my morning would begin with String Ensemble in the Elgar Room.

This Spring I was lucky enough to be awarded 2nd prize in the Premio Francesco Geminiani competition in Verona, Italy. I was the youngest musician to compete, and my prize was the use of the ‘Dante and Alfredo Guastalla (1936)’ violin on loan. It is a privilege to play it.

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Beyond the Curriculum

LEAP - Learning & Enrichment

Open and expand your mind beyond the classroom hearing from leading edge speakers with the LEAP Lecture Series.

You will be encouraged to push the boundaries of the syllabus, discover new passions and develop your intellectual agility to venture with confidence into exciting new territory.

Sixth Form Prospectus 2020

Getting involved...

Our Sixth Form students get involved. Whether it’s in clubs, team sports or charities, our girls get stuck into every experience available to them. By the time they start applying for university, they have plenty to say about their lives beyond A levels.

Your voice matters in the Sixth Form. Join one of our student committees and represent your peers to effect the change you want.

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Putney is a democratic environment where pupils enjoy a dialogue with their teachers and leading is done by example. Sixth Form students provide essential leadership throughout the school. They take on formal roles, as part of the Head Girl team or as prefects and House Officials, and informal roles, directing younger years in the House Drama Festival and leading book groups to promote reading across the school. They learn that good leadership goes hand-in-hand with teamwork.

Clubs & Societies

In the Sixth Form you will be encouraged to lead, and be empowered to do so, in every aspect of school life whether in the classroom, running societies or on the sports field.

Sixth Formers play a key role in starting up and leading societies. Here are just a few of the Super-curricular activities available:

Psychology Club
Medical Society
Model United Nations
Philosophy Society
Young Enterprise

Study In Purple

A Study In Purple is a vibrant magazine written by Putney students for Putney students.

The magazine provides a unique insight into Putney life, with issues showcasing student art and photography, as well as articles on hard-hitting topics.

With tips from everything from fashion to improving your mental health, A Study In Purple is a wonderful way for students to utilise their creative and journalistic skills.

Click here to view the A Study In Purple main website.

A Study In Purple - Issue 11

Meet the Study In Purple team

Meet the Study In Purple team

Sixth Form Art, Music & Drama

From Sixth Form drama productions the annual Dance Show; from A Level Art trips, artistic “Happenings” on the lawn, and a cappella at Edinburgh Festival and beyond; there are plenty of opportunities to explore and pursue your creative passions.

Sixth Form Sports

It’s not all about building a CV. We also want students to find time to relax, to enjoy time keeping fit, and to play or compete as part of a team.

From regular team sports to dance, tennis, cross-country and even Zumba, there are many ways to have fun, keep fit and relax in your time away from studies.

There is dedicated time on Tuesdays for team sport including lacrosse and rowing and the Sixth Form are major contributors to the school’s annual Dance Show.

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Sixth Formers have exclusive access to the FOPHS Fitness Suite with an extensive range of fitness equipment allowing them to train before, during or after school.

Other sports available include:

"The spirit of the Sixth Form will differ from your earlier experiences of school. You will be encouraged to be more intellectually curious in your lessons, to lead confidently within the school and to connect with kindness and integrity in your community.

You will feel a sense of belonging that will allow you to flourish, leaving Putney as individuals with a strong identity and purpose, and the ambition to continue to achieve in all that you do."
Ella Barden - Head of Sixth Form

Pastoral Support & The House System


Life at Putney has a very special feel to it. We believe that from the moment a student steps through our doors, she should feel safe, supported and free to be herself. As a result, the happiness, personal development and wellbeing of our pupils comes before all else.

Our students form a caring and supportive community, which in turn supports their development into well-adjusted young women. Girls feel secure and happy in their own skin, supported by the staff and students who encourage them each day. They are able to concentrate on their achievements – both the everyday and academic – as well as their ambitions for their future.

Finding a tribe

A House system runs upwards through the school, uniting girls of all ages in each of four houses. As a member of Burton (Beryl Burton), Ferrier (Kathleen Ferrier), Hepburn (Audrey Hepburn) or Stark (Freya Stark) girls in the Senior School form friendships, learn teamwork, try out new skills and enjoy a good deal of healthy competition and fun.

Careers and Higher Education

We want all our pupils to be interested in and excited about careers from an early age so we hold a host of talks, workshops and events to start them thinking about the opportunities that await them.

From Year 7 to Year 13 exceptional careers advice and tailored support is available to every student at the school.

Winner – Independent Schools of the Year 2019 for Careers Programme

Careers and Higher Education

"I was given a huge insight into the future I could hold, as an aspiring female scientist".

Adventures & Trips

Putney has a bold, open-minded and adventurous outlook on the world, which is reflected in an exciting programme of trips to destinations across London and the globe.

Regular sports and choir tours add many more destinations to the mix. Closer to home, we make full use of the many exhibitions, theatrical productions and fascinating opportunities laid at our feet in London or at easy reach in the UK.

In recent years, flashes of Putney purple have been spotted in the following locations:

On the top of Mount Kilimanjaro, as part of an Outlook expedition
In a Shanghai classroom, during our cultural exchange to China
On the canals of Amsterdam, in a History of Art trip
In Costa Rica, during one of several Spanish trips offered this year
Eating a madeleine in a café in Paris, or a bratwurst in Tübingen
At NASA HQ in Florida
The large hadron collider at CERN in Switzerland

Putney in the Community

At Putney High School we believe that reaching out to the local community means doing more than just fundraising, volunteering and sharing spaces – it involves sharing a whole mind-set.

We actively engage with the wider community and with local schools to develop the sense of empathy, responsibility and togetherness that allows us to broaden our horizons, improve our environment and learn from one another.

Putney in the Community


What have our Alumnae gone on to do?

Sixth Form prefects organise the PIE+ lecture series, which brings exceptional guest speakers into school each week, offering insight into the world of work.

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