Posted: 26 November, 2019

NATO – UK – US Foreign Policy

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On 22 November Putney Sixth Form was visited by a member of the US Embassy, Mr Nick Carter who gave a presentation entitled ‘NATO – UK – US Foreign Policy’.

During the presentation Mr Carter explained what NATO is, why it was formed and how the UK benefits from being a NATO member.


Topics discussed included:

  • Is NATO relevant?
  • What are todays international security challenges?
  • Do you have a voice in the UKs foreign policy?
  • Are you aware of international security threats and challenges?
  • Do these groups play an active role in UK foreign policy -Elected officials, voters, NGO/third sectors, Private Companies?

The answers received were incredibly interesting. When discussing about the impact of influencers, the most thoughtful piece of information taken away from the presentation was that “Not everyone has to agree that one thing is the right or most acceptable thing to do.”

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