Posted: 26 November, 2019

A Day in the Life of a Sixth Former – Lara

General, Interview, Sixth Form

Lara joined Putney in the Sixth Form and is currently studying for A Levels in Biology, Chemistry and Psychology with AS Level Mathematics and an EPQ.

“Moving schools can be daunting but my year group have been so welcoming and there are so many ways that you can meet people and make friends here. There is so much going on that you are bound to meet the group of people that are ‘for you’.

In lessons I’m enjoying how the teachers go beyond what’s in the text book. It involves asking questions and trying to work things out yourself. It’s a learning technique that was new to me and that I’ve really enjoyed.

Hot Topics and lunchtime sessions help us to look at what we’ve learnt and make links to other parts of our course. It’s great to be able to think about topics more deeply and go beyond what we’re learning in class.

I want to study medicine and chose to do an EPQ entitled, Does palliative care improve the quality of life for terminally ill patients? I’m also a member of Putney’s Medical Society.

We have been busy preparing for the UCAT exams and I meet regularly with the Oxbridge coordinator to discuss my personal statement which is for medicine specifically.

Outside of my studies I get involved with as much as I can. I run the LGBT society which meets every week with pupils from Years 8 upwards. I am there to support them and we have a lot of debates and discussions.

I also play the guitar and sing in Senior Choir – both once a week. And I have even started rowing! I’m only a ‘Squirrel’ (non-serious rowers who come to row once a week). I’m not very good at it but it’s such good fun.”

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