Posted: 7 May, 2019

Tech-free Tuesday – Digital Detox

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Phoebe, one of our Digital Leaders explains...

“This started at the beginning of term when I decided I wanted to do really well in the upcoming end of year exams, so I thought I’d try a digital detox. This entails no Netflix, Instagram, snapchat, Houseparty, YouTube, WhatsApp, Spotify and photos. It’s still new to me because I only just started but my screen time has decreased by two hours a day and I used to spend 21 hours a week on social media. (This is just insane!)

Today I spent an hour on my phone which was mainly spent copying notes from my phone and searching up subject specific revision.  To be honest I could have just used a textbook or referred to my class notes instead. Using my phone has been a useful revision tool, although I did procrastinate by tapping on Instagram and reading, “You have used up all your screen time today.”

I would suggest a digital detox to those of you who are a little bit obsessed with their phone.   It’s hard – I’ve already  broken it a few times by going on Spotify and once i watched a science related YouTube video. I’ve already made my friend Lily start on her own digital detox quest! Having a digital detox has been good, in fact I’m actually happier not being on Instagram. I might do this more often.

Why not start your own digital detox? Or join the rest of the school by detoxing every week for tech free Tuesdays”.

Phoebe in Year 8

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