Posted: 8 February, 2021

Maya’s Murthy Family Mission

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The experience of a global pandemic has been extremely daunting and terrifying for everyone. Not just to us students, who all have warm homes and access to online learning, but for people in poorer countries who don’t have access to anything. 

Maya M
Year 10

Over the past few months Year 10 student, Maya M, has, like many other students, had to adapt to a new way of living due to the current pandemic.

But rather than focus on her own situation, a student on the cusp of her GCSEs, Maya put her spare time to good use, working to give back to those in need.

She writes;

Nearly 36% of our world’s population are known to be living in extreme poverty. Can you imagine living in a two room house made of mud and gravel built more than 150 years ago with several large holes in the roof and walls, no toilet, and no water or electricity? This is the sad and harsh reality for millions of people.

While the need for help is immense, we chose to start with one family. With the hope of raising £10,000 to help rebuild an extremely poor family’s house, in rural India, my brother and I set off with some fundraising efforts along with my parents. We have raised almost £5000 and hope that with your help and support, this simple need can turn into a reality for the Murthy family in 2021.

The Murthy Family Background Story

Murthy is 24 years old and has elderly  parents who live in rural India. Their house has no electricity or water (for drinking, bathing etc) and a leaky roof. The house is almost the condition of a slum. Although their son is working in a city in southern India, sadly his income is far too insignificant to help repair his parents home.

To top it all off, Murthy’s father has a preexisting lung condition which restricts him from working. His elderly mother is a daily labourer who earns less than minimum wage just enough to put sometimes just one meal on their table.

Our aim is to help reconstruct a new home and supply them with all the basic amenities that so many of us take for granted (i.e electricity connection, gas supply for cooking, clean water for drinking and bathing and a sewage system).

There is no such thing as a “small donation” as every £1 donated will contribute towards building supplies such as bricks, paint and so much more. Your contribution will make a tangible difference in the daily life of the Murthy family. By being provided with the bare necessities, which we are all so blessed to have, we hope to bring joy to this families life.

Thank you for being a part of this family’s journey.

If you would like to donate to Maya’s fundraising for the Murthy family, follow the link below.

Well done to Maya for choosing to think of others at a time when life for herself is different to usual.

The Murthy Family's Home
The Murthy Family's Home
The Murthy Family's Home
The Murthy Family's Home
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