This is the kind of school girls run into each morning.

Our pupils have a sense of belonging and pride in being a Putney girl. We give girls the time and space to discover the joy of learning, enabling them to reveal their strengths, passions and the person they are becoming. We recognise and celebrate the individual, encouraging pride in what they can do, as well as ambition for what they can’t do just yet.

We believe that childhood is a time to explore. Our pupils take a passionate interest in the world around them and are prepared to take risks in everything they do. In their classrooms and in their outdoor exploration, Putney girls are fearless in the face of the unknown. They listen, ask questions and take every opportunity to lead their own learning. We create self-starters, who know what to do when they don’t know what to do.

I am proud to lead a school of passionate young girls who are excited by their learning, confident in their endeavours and embrace any challenge set for them.
Pippa Page-Roberts, Head of Junior School

Junior School - 360 degree tour

Join Daphne and Ameera for a virtual tour of Putney High Junior School

Junior School - 360 degree tour

“There’s a sense of oxygen around Putney High Junior…The emphasis is on developing good citizens, ambitious and unafraid of success. Parents love the energy of the head and her team."
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Our Junior School is divided into three key stages:


Early Years Foundation

Ages 4 & 5

Key Stage One

Years 1 & 2

Ages 5 – 7

Key Stage Two

Years 3, 4, 5 & 6

Ages 7 – 11

New ventures

Each day, girls rise to a variety of intellectual, musical and physical challenges. Pupils work through a curriculum which develops their foundations in numeracy and literacy, introduces them to foreign languages, encourages their creativity and promotes sporting activity, preparing them for entry into our Senior School.

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Enjoying every day

Life at Putney High Junior School is varied. Pupils spend their days in a friendly community where any child can talk to any teacher – they are all available for support. We encourage pupils to use their voice, but also to value each other’s opinions. Academics are essential, but a child’s life at school is what determines their discovery of who they are.

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There is a range of before and after school activities for all Junior School pupils.

Term Dates

Life at Putney is full of exciting new challenges, fun activities and time playing with friends. Your little girl won’t want the term to end.

Dates for your diary

School Uniform

Click here to find out about the uniform requirements for Junior School pupils.

School Uniform


The Junior School fees for the academic year starting September 2021 are:

£5,630 per term

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If your daughter is due to start school soon, come and find out more about our admissions process.

Getting ready for Junior School

Starting school is a momentous occasion, for both pupils and parents. Your daughter should feel both excited and prepared for the journey that lies ahead. When your daughter is offered a place at Putney High Junior School, we will help you to build her independence. We offer suggestions on how she might become responsible for her cardigan, coat and shoes; be open to joining in and helping, and develop the sense of identity which will help her to try new things.

Join us

Your daughter is full of potential. She doesn’t yet know her strengths, her passions or the person she might one day become. But we’d like to help her on her way.

Our Junior School admissions process looks at performance in entrance tests and how a girl gets on in a classroom situation.

We’re not looking for the finished article. We’re looking for potential Putney pupils who are not afraid to try, to learn, to participate and to grow. By the time a girl leaves us, she’ll have developed into a lifelong learner, who knows that there is nothing she can’t do.

Junior School admissions

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