A number of Music Scholarships are available at 11+ (Year 7 entry).

Applicants who apply for scholarships at 11+ will be of at least Grade 5 standard on their first instrument. Some proficiency in piano playing is always welcome from prospective scholars whose first instrument is not the piano, but it is not a specific requirement. Candidates must also satisfy the Putney High School entry requirements.

Any candidate accepting a scholarship will be expected to participate fully in the musical life of the school and be proactive in seeking out opportunities to further develop and hone their skills and talents.

Applying for a Music Scholarship

To apply, please tick the box on the 11+ main application form indicating that you would like to apply for a Music Scholarship.

Once your application has been submitted, you will receive links to:

  • The Music Scholarship Application Form
  • The Music Scholarship Reference Form (to be completed by your nominated referee)
  • All candidates will be asked to upload a short video clip performing a piece of their choice – this short video should best demonstrate the candidate’s musical abilities.

Please note that all the above must be completed and submitted by the application deadline of Wednesday 1 November 2023 at 12 noon.

Audition requirements

Shortlisted candidates will be invited to attend an audition of no more than 20 minutes.

Candidates should present a programme demonstrating their musical aptitude on one or more instruments of their choice (this can include voice). Only one piece per instrument is required. The audition will also include the following:

  • Sight-reading on the candidate’s first instrument
  • Aural tests of approximately grade 5 standard

There will be time for a short informal chat at the end of the audition. An accompanist will be provided for the audition.

Key Dates

Application Deadline: Wednesday 1 November 2023 at 12 noon

Assessment Day: Thursday 18 and Friday 19 January 2024

Results: The results of the assessment will be released at the same time as the 11+ results letters

Preparing For Your 11+ Music Scholarship Audition

When deciding which pieces to play, please be mindful of the following:

Difficulty – choose pieces that you can play comfortably and musically. A performance of a more modest piece that is played fluently and is full of musical interest and detail will impress us far more than a difficult piece played less accurately.

Accompaniment – we will provide an accompanist for your audition. If your piece has a piano part, remember to bring it with you.

Singing – although not a requirement, it is always a pleasure to hear candidates sing. Please bring a piece if you wish – a song that you may have learned with your school choir would be fine.

The audition will include sight reading on the candidate’s first instrument and aural tests. These will be of approximately Grade 5 standard.

Above all, we want the candidates to feel totally at ease throughout the audition and enjoy performing music.

If you have an academically gifted daughter with a musical bent, try very hard to get her a place here.

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