Intellectual Agility

The ability to think independently, to argue persuasively and to analyse critically is central to all that we offer. We want to equip students with an 'intellectual agility' to discuss, to challenge what they hear and read, try out their own ideas and to pursue their academic curiosity. 

Our pupils are determined to think for themselves. Through our curriculum they develop the skills required to conduct inquiry and to learn independently, and are encouraged to speak their mind; articulating their ideas and defending their perspective with a boldness and spirit. 

At the same time we want to cultivate an open-mindedness and an openness to new ideas. Through our thinking skills lessons and Curriculum Plus programme, students are encouraged to evaluate a range of viewpoints and approach new information critically. 

Whilst we want them to speak their minds, our pupils are also prepared to change their mind, to enjoy having their beliefs challenged and to thrive in the cut and thrust of academic debate. 

We believe that pupils should leave Putney prepared to disrupt the world, empowered to challenge, take risks, adapt and to lead. 

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