Posted: 2 October, 2018

Young Leaders’ Conference

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Last weekend, Putney's Head Girl team travelled to the Royal High School Bath for the 2018 Young Leadership Conference (YLC). They joined more than 130 Head Girls and Senior Prefects from across the GDST.

Here is their report from what sounds like a very inspiring weekend...

“Shortly after arriving we heard two inspiring speeches from Anne Daniels and Anne Francke. The speeches were a great way to start the weekend, introducing us to the importance of gender equality in the work place as well as the rewarding but difficult life of a polar explorer. In particular they demonstrated the vital role that leadership plays in a wide range of situations – not just in the workplace.”

“That afternoon, we were introduced to the various charities we would be working with over the weekend and after splitting up into groups, we started to form ideas about a possible a charity campaign. On Saturday we continued our work on these campaigns, pitching our ideas to the “sponsors” before refining our script for the presentation on Sunday.”


“A formal dinner was served on Saturday night as we celebrated all our hard work on the projects so far. On Sunday, the presentations were given before the judges, who selected a winning group based on the campaign they presented.”

“The weekend taught us to work with people we’d never worked with before and to try to play to the strengths of each member of a team when planning our presentations.”

Read more about the conference here.

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