Posted: 16 October, 2020

Winning App Designers – Amazon Competition

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Many congratulations to the Infinite School team of Year 9 app designers who have today won the Amazon Web Services Get It competition and will now have their winning app prototype build by AWS developers.

AWS GetIT is an initiative designed to encourage girls aged 12-13 to consider a career in tech – challenging long standing gender stereotypes.

The Infinite School team (Imogen W, Lara T, Isabelle A, Amelie P, Sophie E, Elena D) designed their app of the same name (selling second-hand school uniform) when they first started working on the project in Year 8.

Some of the team attended an Amazon AWS workshop in Shoreditch and the rest attended an app prototype workshop at St Paul’s School.

Here is a link to their original (and winning) prototype design.

App prototype link 


The girls told us, “[it was] a long process, starting this time last year but then over the past few days everything has gone so quickly and now all of a sudden we have won!”
They admitted to being “a little worried” when they saw the other teams’ presentation, but they felt they answered their questions really well and were, “so excited to sit down with the app developers, as last time they provided really good sandwiches” [queue laughter!]. They continued, “Obviously we are more excited about the app, but they were really nice sandwiches!”
Computer Science Teacher, Mrs Bakre told us, “Their presentation and ideas were clearly presented to the judges – they thought on their feet and answered questions confidently. The judges were impressed that the team had thought about accessibility for the visually impaired, the circular economy and they were passionate about their ideas. A well-deserved win!”
Founder of AWS GetIT, Sonia Ouarti wrote to the team saying, 

“I wanted to personally congratulate you all for the work you did on the Infinite School app. You touched an area that is very important, sustainability. We are wasting so much around us and not giving clothes always the second life they deserve. And even more, not everyone can afford to buy new uniforms every year. Thank you for bringing the idea as part of the competition.”

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