Posted: 13 March, 2019

We’re so EGG-cited

Junior School, News, Video

At Putney High Junior School, Reception have excitedly been waiting for our eggs to hatch.

The girls have been thinking about all the different kinds of animals that hatch from eggs and made their predictions about what they thought the eggs may turn into.

The pupils have been learning about what temperature the eggs need to be at in order to hatch and, once the chicks are stronger and have moved to the brooder box, all the girls will have the opportunity to hold a chick themselves!

Keep watching our live stream to see how our chicks develop!

Click on the video to watch our chicks live.

When chicks emerge from the egg they look wet and weak.  As they dry, they begin to fluff up. The chicks do not need food or water for the first 24 hours as they are utilising the yolk which was ingested while in the egg.  Over the next 24 hours as they become stronger, they can be moved to a brooder box and introduced to water and food.

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