Posted: 22 May, 2019

Unsung Heroes of Science

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Daphne and Misha, Year 12, have been shortlisted for the Hertford College science video competition.

The theme of the competition was unsung heroes of science. The students created a video based on the female British scientist and zoologist Dr Dame Honor Fell. The video explains Fell’s development of experimental methods in organ culture, tissue culture, and cell biology.

Misha explains more:

“The competition is about recognising unsung heroes of science. We saw the competition being advertised at school and decided to enter as it looked like a fun opportunity to explore someone who we didn’t know much about.

Honor Fell is not that well known but her work in tissue culture was really important in advancing knowledge of living organisms by being able to work with life tissue while in a lab setting. Fell’s research has also been really important during the present, for advancing medical research. It was really great to able to explore scientific research that is still relevant today.

Our video was one of 20 videos that were shortlisted. Two prizes will be given, one to the video with the most views and one for the overall winner.”


The prize winners and Audience Choice winner will be announced at Hertford College awards ceremony on Tuesday 2 July.

Watch Daphne and Misha’s video below and read more about the competition here.

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