Event date: 21 September, 2017

Thinking Inside the Box

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A packed PIE talk today:

“3-2-1 You’re on air and anything can happen!”

Ever wondered what it is really like to work on one of the UK’s best-loved television shows? Well today, students and staff at Putney were treated to a fascinating look behind the sequins of Strictly Come Dancing and The Voice among others, as freelance series producer, Charlotte Brookes came to talk about the work that goes into creating prime-time“shiny floor entertainment”.

You cannot beat the adrenalin rush of live television, but did you know that they shoot over 100 hours of television just to create an hour-long show?

There’s no doubt that“it’s an exciting and varied career” for anyone interested in working in either the creative or the logistical side of TV, but what are the cons? The uncertainty of freelance working is certainly not for everyone and according to Charlotte, something to seriously consider before opting for this kind of career.

If you’re serious about a job in TV, her advice is to“get to know the credits” and there is no getting away from it, starting as a“runner” really is the most common way in,“ideally at a production company that is making the kind of shows that you love”.

Television is a contacts industry, but don’t forget that in the age of the vlog, anyone can be a producer. Ultimately, you must be prepared to start at the bottom. That is how Charlotte began her illustrious career, eight years ago, performing glamorous tasks such as“clearing a whole balcony of cigarette butts… and making a great cup of tea– but making it with a smile”.

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