Posted: 16 October, 2015

These girls can code


Putney has introduced new GCSE and A Level Computing courses. Girls are learning to code in C# (C Sharp) using Microsoft Visual Studio. This is how real world mobile apps and programs are developed; anything is possible, from creating your own mobile app to designing windows programs. The skills the girls learn are thus not only used in the technology sector, but also in the world of finance and business.

During the first half of the GCSE course, until February, girls are looking into C# programming concepts, which are text based. Then they will use Greenfoot Java to program and design their own game. Meanwhile, year 12 girls have embarked on the new AQA Computer Science A level, also using Microsoft Visual Studio to learn how to code with C#, opening new doors to technology and engineering.

Mr Richards, Head of ICT says: “I hope our girls develop a great passion for the subject and that it gives them new skills not covered elsewhere.”

There will be opportunity to take their skills further through various competitions such as BEBRAS and those set up by Cambridge University Press. A new computing club also runs every Monday lunchtime offering girls the opportunity to experience and approach computer science and coding in a different and fun way.

Girls can also find a dedicated section for computing and programming (coding is actually an American term) in the Senior School Library; Mr Richards recommends Computational Fairy Tales by Jeremy Kubica and Code – the hidden language of computer hardware and software by Charles Petzold for an overview of the subject. There is also a TV show called “Girls can Code” available on BBC iplayer; five girls with a hidden talent for coding are challenged to create a start up from scratch in only five days.

Computer Science, too long considered a male-dominated subject, is about to learn that girls too can, and will, code!

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