Posted: 5 March, 2013

The wonder of Professor Brian Cox


Just 45 minutes with poetic, brilliant, Professor Brian Cox and our Y11 girls are signing up for PhD research!

We were very privileged to attend the John Collier Memorial Lecture on Tuesday when Professor Cox was also presented with the John Collier Medal for Contribution to the Public Understanding of Science.

Wearing his learning lightly, he never failed to inspire.  Making strong bonds with the audience, he identified Putney’s Year 11 within 15 seconds of gliding on the stage…telling them they will be doing PhD research in just a few years’ time!

Political, fighting for scientific research spending, his ideas and that of others are very well explained in The Geek Manifesto by Mark Henderson…which is available in our Senior Library.  It might make you angry…it did me !

Read and watch the Wonders Books and DVD series…also in the Library.

Wonders of Life is brilliant because it explains all things biological through the science of chemistry and physics…which is what everything is all about.

Also, do read this article.

Denise V Lodge, Headmistress

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