Posted: 30 January, 2020

Speak Up, Speak Out, Speak Week 2020

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Speak Week is a week celebrating the art of speech.

During break, lunch and after school, Putney has been buzzing with oratorical events. To name just a few, we have been involved in:

  • voice workshops
  • debating games
  • foreign language debates
  • oral history
  • poetry slams
  • speakers’ corner / soap box

Activities such as Language Development involved exploring how to improve your speaking abilities and learning about the mechanics of speech. Students also had the opportunity to listen to a presentation on Women in Leadership with Dr. Mandeep Rai.

Mr O’Connell gave students an introduction to the science of speech, outlining the parts of the mouth which are involved in speaking and demonstrating the ways in which they interact to create the huge variety of sounds present in the world’s languages.

Meanwhile Mrs Carter and Ms Deschamps held a friendly competition to see which student could read a children’s story the best. The aim of story reading was to learn how to make words sound interesting by using a variety of tones.

The winner’s prize is to read a story to Year 1.

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