Posted: 18 September, 2017

Sixth Form Scholarships – Adventures in Beijing


Amongst our scholarships are the innovative Elsa Maud Plant awards, which enable students to travel abroad to further their studies in either Sciences or Modern Foreign Languages.


This summer, Year 13 student and Elsa Maud Plant bequest recipient, Tatiana Cooke travelled to China to volunteer in a Beijing orphanage. Tatiana was keen to experience Chinese culture first hand and to reinforce her A level studies in Mandarin.

She was awarded the coveted scholarship (available to girls studying Modern Languages and/or Science at A level) on the basis of her desire to complete a research project on the impact of China’s One-Child Policy and its relaxation into a Two-Child Policy in 2016.

During her stay in Beijing, Tatiana became an invaluable addition to the staff at the orphanage, assisting the 20 children – many of whom had disabilities – and using her recently acquired TEFL qualifications to give the children English classes each morning, reading to them in both English and Mandarin.

“The best part of my trip was definitely seeing the children everyday who were all so lovely and welcomed me into their family, calling me jiejie (older sister). However, I did have some low points, especially when I accidentally mistook the Mandarin characters on a menu and ordered chicken cartilage instead of chicken kebabs.” Tatiana Cooke

She will be telling us more about her experiences in the next issue of the Putney High School Magazine but in the meantime, if you are inspired by Tatiana’s experience and would like to apply for the next Elsa Maud Plant scholarship, click here to find out more.

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