Posted: 12 March, 2020

Romeo and Juliet – Orange Tree Production

Arts, Drama, General, Senior School

On Monday 9 March, Year 10 were treated to a performance of Romeo and Juliet in the Performing Arts Centre. Incredibly, Shakespeare’s story of ‘brawling love’ and ‘loving hate’ was played out by only five actors, with clever doubling of Juliet/Tybalt and Romeo/Paris.

This youthful company brought fantastic energy to the production, establishing tension right from the start with some aggressive fight moves and creating an exuberant atmosphere at the Capulet ball with animal masks and actions.

The performance was followed by a workshop in which the actors re-played given scenes according to the students’ ideas: amusingly, this saw Tybalt and Romeo seeking to resolve their differences calmly instead of trying to kill each other – clearly reflecting some PSHE lessons well spent!

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