Posted: 11 June, 2013

Revolutionising learning with iPads


The use of one-to-one iPads in our Year 4 classes at Putney High School has revolutionised the learning experience.  The personal ownership of the device has given girls increased motivation, interest and engagement.  We have watched them become much more independent and in charge of their ICT in order to research, create and share their work.  This results in the role of the teacher becoming more of a facilitator rather than instructor.  Pupils have been much more willing to try more challenging tasks and persevere rather than rely on the teacher.   It has also resulted in higher level discussions and collaboration and deeper understanding as they are retelling and demonstrating their learning.

In April we held an iPad Party to share our experiences with colleagues from other GDST schools around the country.  We also hosted an Early Years Foundation Stage meeting for other schools in London about using iPads for assessment in the EYFS.   Putney High School’s iPad work has been so successful that we have become an iPad Academy to help train and share learning.

A word of warning: these results will not be achieved by just buying a set of iPads and putting them in a classroom.  The success of iPads is dependent on creating the right environment within the school, where there is strong leadership with a vision, good professional development and strong technical support.   Effective implementation of iPads also requires teachers to reflect on their teaching and to be prepared to experiment with the re-organisation of both the classroom and their curriculum for the academic year.  The teacher can then transform the learning experiences of their pupils.  The results are well worth it!

Mrs Jo Wallace, Head of Junior School

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