Posted: 5 December, 2019

Putney Post Project

Alumnae, Junior School, News

Putney High School is always keen to reconnect with its alumnae, and at the same time, our pupils – and indeed staff – are fascinated by the history of the school. Bringing together these strands, while developing the letter writing skills of Junior School pupils, we launched our Putney Post project.

In the first few weeks of September, pupils in Years 4 and 5 (Lower II or Upper II) wrote individual letters to alumnae asking them what life was like for them in their time at the school. Despite many alumnae having not received any communication from Putney High School for a number of years, there was a fantastic response and we received over 50 reply letters.

It was wonderful to hear that our alumnae found the letters to be a lovely surprise and that they enjoyed taking a ‘trip down memory lane’. The Junior pupils particularly enjoyed reading stories about the different uniform options, the evacuation to Caversham and the school guinea pigs!

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