Event date: 07 February, 2019 · Performing Arts Centre

Poetry Festival 2019 with judge Daljit Nagra

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Putney's annual Poetry Festival was this year judged by our returning Poet in Residence, Daljit Nagra.

Putney’s annual Poetry Festival took place on Thursday 7 February at 6pm. 

This year we had 54 finalists across Years 7 – 13 all of whom were given the opportunity to present highlights of their work in front of prize-winning poet and Putney’s previous Poet in Residence, Daljit Nagra. A winner and runner-up was awarded in each age group and there were prizes for the two best readings on the night.

This year’s festival was dedicated to Kate Fereday, a much loved former teacher at Putney High School.

A published booklet of all the finalists’ poems was given to everyone attending the festival.

Year 13 Winning Poem



a girl is given a gun.


blossoms in her gut, roses in her lungs – you can breathe again.

a girl is a gun.


thorns in her heart, ivy wrapped around her bones – you are free at last.

a gun is a girl.

warm, gun-metal grey, honey on her tongue touch – you lost.

a girl is given a gun is given life is death is a gun is a girl.

now shoot.


By Rosie Kent, Year 13


Comment by Daljit Nagra:

Bang is a wonderfully discontinuous poem that swivels its tense drama through fractured narrative, a series of organic images and willed metaphors that aim to shock. The disrupted grammar and broken logic intensify the threat of a girl about to shoot a gun or become explosive as the impact of a shot gun. Terrifying yet superbly playful.”

The winners were:

Year 7 – “Winter” by Sophia S

Year 8 – “Absence” by Lara G-J

Year 9 – “A Tale of Romeo and Juliet” by Annie T

Year 10 – “Toad Becomes Toad” by Alexandra B

Year 11 – “Hobie’s Antiques” by Polly C

Year 12 – “Tess” by Anna C

Year 13 – “Bang” by Rosie K


Highly commended were:

Year 7 – “Braces” by Fiya H

Year 8 – “Blood on the Plains” by Natalija A

Year 9 – “Ode to Fulham” by Grace T

Year 10 – “A Girl of the Past” by Govhar D

Year 11 – “Grandpa’s Chair” by Lara S

Year 12 & 13  – “Tess” by Anna C


The winners of the two “Best Readings” on the evening were:

Anna M in Year 12 and Hannah K in Year 9


Well done to the many worthy winners and to all our extremely accomplished poets.

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