Event date: 06 - 03 February, 2020 · Putney High School, Library

PIE at Lunchtime: From Thinktank to Downing Street

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On Thursday 6 February Will Tanner presented PIE at Lunchtime. Mr Tanner is the founding Director of the campaigning thinktank Onward and has also advised Theresa May between 2013 and 2017, as a Special Adviser in the Home Office and as Deputy Head of Policy in 10 Downing Street.

The main topic of the PIE talk was how policies get made in government, but more over how is politics changing and what is Thinktank?

Mr Tanner explained the points below and how they were some of  the main drivers of change in politics:

  • Culture
  • City Growth
  • People wanting for freedom and security

Mr Tanner mentioned how some people may agree that Brexit takes a large role for this change, but we should consider Brexit not a cause but a symptom.

Following the discussion of change, Mr Tanner described Think tank  as an interception between academia, journalism and politics and try to be the best mixture of those three disciplines.
He then explained how think tank gathers evidence, such as what is causes the changes in politics, and then sells it to the government.

For a clearer understanding you can find out more about think tank here.



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