Posted: 26 June, 2013

Have you heard the one about the school giving its students lessons in how to be comedians?


 PutneyHigh School GDST is trialling lessons in improvised comedy as a novel way ofpreparing Sixth Formers for university interviews and the world of work aftereducation.

Theaim is to build confidence and encourage girls to think on their feet in thedemanding, spontaneous arena that is improvised comedy.

Byallowing them to take risks in a safe and supported environment, the schoolhopes the students will develop creativity and resilience.

Thefirst comedy workshop was delivered by the Hoopla! comedy group to about 80Year 12 pupils.

Theaim is to help them to develop techniques which will prepare girls to facechallenging situations that may put them out of their comfort zone, such asuniversity interviews.

Itwill encourage girls to come up with ideas from scratch, to overcome any fearof making mistakes and to learn how to deal with people.

MrsSuzie Longstaff, Head of Sixth Form, said:

“Manypeople would understandably feel intimidated about the idea of having to standin front of a group of people and make them laugh.  In this comedyworkshop, our girls will challenge themselves and work to overcome those fearsin a supportive and fun atmosphere.

“It’spart of the rich education that we provide at Putney where we strive to buildintellectual confidence and achieve personalised enrichment alongside excellentexam results. Supporting students as they build skills that will help them tosucceed later on in life (such as resilience, confidence and adaptability) is avital part of the education.”

SteveRoe, of Hoopla, added:“It’s about resilience– having the confidence to comeup with an interesting idea or thought. The nature of creativity is that thingsdon’t always work first time. People need to realise it’s not them that’s theproblem, but just that particular idea that wasn’t quite right, and that thewinning idea will be right around the corner. Once you are able to separateyour self esteem from your ideas, you can be brave enough to be creative andachieve something wonderful.”


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