Posted: 17 June, 2020

GDST Debating Tournament 2020

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On Saturday 13 June, 14 schools from across the GDST took part in a virtual debating tournament designed to enhance their debating skills.

Putney’s debating club divided into four teams and over the course of the day took part in three debates each. In the first round the debate motion was, “This house would make private tuition illegal”. Putney did really well during this first round scoring one first place, two second places and one third.

Ms Katie Norbury, a Northampton High School judge, said that she wanted to see the debaters explain their points fully and express clearly what they believed in.

We're looking forward to the competition, we've done lots of practice on quick thinking. We've also been researching what makes a good debate.

Mia C and Isabelle A
Putney Student

In the second round the motion was, “This house welcomes the rise of virtual living”. This time Putney scored two first places and two second places topping their game once again!

In the third and final round the statement was, “This house would appoint MPs by national lottery”. Putney once again debated at an extremely high standard giving us another two first places and two second places which led Putney’s team to place fourth in the overall scores with a total of 231 points.

The winning school was South Hampstead High School. The debaters would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who participated, thank you to the judges and finally Putney’s  Dr Kiek and Mr Stenburg for organising an incredible event.

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