Posted: 23 September, 2021

Elsa Maud Scholarship – Solar Power in Lagos

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Naya in Year 13 travelled to Nigeria this July on her Elsa Maud travel scholarship to explore the use of solar power in Lagos.

Naya is taking A Levels in Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Design Technology.

“My project involved working with solar power company Oolu Solar to see how they bring electricity into mainland and rural Nigeria as a back-up to the unreliable grid system. I had submitted the idea for my project as part of my academic scholarship application in the October of Year 11. ”

“Oolu Solar specialises in providing and setting up solar powered electrical products to low income households.  I spent a week working with the company. It was just me in a room full of giant boxes fixing fans, TVs and doing lots of product testing. It was so much fun!”





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