The Learning and Enrichment team run workshops during regular PSHE lessons, to promote the work of the department, and is on-hand at all times to provide assistance to pupils who are looking for ways to enhance their learning.

In addition to focused PSHE lessons, students are invited to attend lunchtime workshops and drop-in sessions on notetaking, revision tactics, memory enhancement strategies and exam question analysis. We hold a touch-typing club to improve skills and promote confidence in computer-based work.

Importantly, our team provides a wide range of SEND interventions, including one-on-one support for girls who need additional help in the classroom. All students are screened in Year 7, sitting the Lucid Exact test which picks up potential difficulties.

There are a range of interventions we can employ around structuring writing, note-taking or concentration; many of which use personalised online programmes such as Lexia or Maths-Whizz to monitor progress. The department works closely with each student and her parents to find the best individual solution for her learning.

Our approach to learning enrichment focuses on a growth mindset and developing resilience, shifting the focus from ‘I can’t’ to ‘I can’t quite yet’.

Gifted & Talented

We nurture, stretch and challenge the high performing students at our school with specialist provision and opportunity for the especially talented in everything from mathematics, music and science to languages and sport.

There are cross-curricular creative writing competitions, poetry festivals, whole-year group stretch and challenge activities, debating competitions and Maths & Science Olympiads.

The Putney Ideas Exchange (PIE) provides opportunities to challenge and expand curious minds.

Our Elite Sports Programme provides training and support to exceptionally talented sportswomen.

Putney’s student research focus gives students every opportunity to extend their thinking and approach their learning in new and interesting ways.

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