The Putney curriculum follows a structure which consolidates study over time and provides ample opportunity for cross-curricular learning. Students have access to a wide selection of topics and are supported through their choice of GCSE and A level subjects aligning with their strengths and passions.

The Curriculum

Year 7 Curriculum


Year 8 Curriculum

GCSE Choices


Intellectual challenge

At Putney we believe that thinking should be “out of the box”, not “tick the box”! Our teachers want you to become an inspired learner with an inquisitive, original mindset. As experts in their fields, they’ll share with you their infectious passion for their subjects and ensure you are stretched and challenged, but also play to your strengths.

PIE and PIE+

Weekly PIE (Putney Ideas Exchange) talks provide access to diverse leading business experts and alumnae. Guest speakers share their life lessons and experiences with the students giving them opportunity to understand subjects from unique perspectives, to think about their future careers and to challenge themselves with intellectual debates and new ideas.

PIE+ is a series of evening lecture-style talks presented by leading voices and thought leaders from the worlds of science, politics, business and education.

Year 8 BAFTA Awards

The Year 8 BAFTA Awards are an opportunity to think outside the box and respond to an issue in an entirely new way.

The challenge is split into 5 award categories, designed to provide pupils with the opportunity to explore their creativity and work on a project independently and in a style of their choice.

Year 8 BAFTAs – Thinking outside the box!

History Podcast

The History Podcast invites pupils and staff to use their voice by sharing their opinions on various historical events. Topics brought up within the podcast are not usually based on parts of the curriculum, this is to encourage students to be inquisitive and broaden their knowledge of past events through a fun and collaborative media platform.

Click here to listen to the various podcasts.

Learning support is available to every Putney girl who would like to improve her study skills, set academic goals or adopt effective learning strategies.

Beyond the Curriculum

We have a cross-curricular approach to learning and offer a co-curricular programme designed to motivate you beyond the passing of exams. We want you to leave Putney educated in the broadest sense: high achieving, future-ready and with the skills and confidence to succeed in your ambitions.

Debating and Oracy

Anyone who has ever watched a TED talk will appreciate how very inspirational a good speaker can be. The most effective speakers succeed in getting their messages across because they are great communicators – they have mastered the art of oracy – a skill taught at Putney High School.

Debate club and events such as Speak Week gives students the opportunity to speak out. To express their opinions coherently and crucially, to take responsibility for their own ideas.

Medical Society

Have you ever wondered what a future career as a doctor would be like? Medical Society offers an insight to what life in a medical profession would be like from university and careers information to discussing ethical dilemmas and solutions.

There are also workshops and classes to participate in from dissection to learning First Aid. These workshops can also cater for groups that include students from mixed year groups to encourage collaborative working.

Medical professionals also visit Putney to present and share their real life experiences.

Year 13 student, Misha, talks about what she gets up to during medical society.

Whether you try your hand at Bridge or Code-breaking, Sanskrit or Zumba, there are over 200 co-curricular clubs on offer before school, after school, at break and lunch times. Pupils pick their own path and can opt to be as busy (or not!) as they like in their time outside lessons.

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