At Putney, girls are encouraged to be self-starters, to find their passions and strengths, and to work hard to develop in the areas that might not come as easily to them.

Every individual is celebrated, championed and empowered with the kind of “bouncebackability” and “can-do” attitude that will take them forward in what we hope will be a lifelong learning adventure.

Girls are taught to speak up, to share ideas, present, debate and reason with confidence:

An Orator-in-Residence works with Years 3 and 4 on speaking and listening through our ‘Phenomenal Women and Fearless Girls’ gala. There is Lamda, ESB (English Speaking Board) debating skills, MUNGA (Model United Nations General Assembly programme with Year 6) and a reciprocal reading programme which encourages girls to share ideas and listen and respond articulately.

Girls are encouraged to take the lead and have a say in their learning journey. They are involved in decision making and given roles of responsibility from Eco Ambassadors and Digital Leaders, to School Council reps and Playtime Pals.

There's a sense of oxygen around Putney...The emphasis is on developing good citizens, ambitious and unafraid of success.

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Opening minds

Most of our pupils are far too young to think about their future careers. But what we do want our girls to think about is their passions. Pupils arrive at Putney aged four and begin learning the basis of primary curriculum. But they also start discovering what they enjoy.

Whether it’s music, sport, or taking part in the School council, Putney girls are encouraged to pursue their passions with the same vigour as their academics. They have the opportunity to explore a wide range of activities, trying skills they’ve never before encountered.

A large number of girls in the Junior School learn one or more musical instruments, take up gym or join the school councils, skills which then feed back into their academic work.

So as not to overwhelm them during the start of their school career, clubs for Reception pupils don’t start until the summer term, when they have settled into school life.

Outdoor Learning

Both staff and students are encouraged to take learning beyond the classroom. Our science garden, amphitheatre, allotment and award winning adventure playground allows us to offer our students the opportunity of outdoor learning  and expand their knowledge beyond the classroom walls.

Outdoor Learning Benefits:

  • encourages curiosity and reflective thinking- problem-solving in ‘real life’ situations
  • develops adaptability, communication skills and collaboration
  • develops love and appreciation of nature and environment
  • develops self-awareness and independence
  • provides positive physical and mental health benefits
  • assists fine and gross motor skills


The Power of Play – Let the adventure begin!

Pastoral Care

A supportive school

Life at Putney has a very special feel to it. We believe that from the moment a student steps through our doors, she should feel safe, supported and free to be herself. As a result, the happiness, personal development and wellbeing of our pupils comes before all else.

We want to cultivate the individual. We do this by providing the appropriate environment to hear every child’s voice. In a school where everyone genuinely knows each other’s names, girls learn to build the foundations of true friendships and positive relationships. They gain skills in teamwork, group study and empathy; supporting one another in their learning and their lives. We really are a community, and with that comes a strong moral awareness for how to be a positive and productive member of that community.

Pupils know that they can always talk to any adult, not just their class teacher. However, it is the students themselves who shape the culture of our school. Therefore, we listen to, encourage and support each and every one of them as they embark on their learning journey.

Finding a tribe

Our Junior School Houses, Marie Curie (Green), Ada Lovelace (Red), Rosa Parks (Blue) and Wilma Rudolph (Yellow) help girls to find their way, make friends with girls in older years and earn a sense of pride from competing as a team. They work together to raise money for charities chosen by themselves and to compete in sporting tournaments.

A helping hand

Right from the moment a child starts Putney in Reception, she is involved in every area of school life. Whether it’s a workshop, event or celebratory week, girls throughout the school are invited to take part in an age-appropriate activity.

Upon joining Putney, each pupil is paired with a Year 6 girl at the top of the Junior School. She will receive a letter from her ‘buddy’ during the summer holidays, encouraging her to get excited about starting school. Once she arrives, each Reception pupil meets her buddy. The buddy will help her to settle into life at Putney, offering a personal, big sister relationship.

Becoming leaders

Putney is a democratic environment where pupils enjoy a dialogue with their teachers and leading is done by example. Girls take on responsibility at the earliest opportunity, learning that good leadership goes hand-in-hand with teamwork. A thriving, democratically-elected School Council represents the views of all the girls. Year 6 girls are given various roles of responsibility, from House Captains to the school’s Press Pack of roving reporters.

Other positions of Leadership include: Sports Leaders, House and Vice House Captains, Peer Mediators, Putney Playtime Pals, Lunch Monitors, Junior Travel Ambassadors and Eco Warriors .

Wraparound care

We offer fantastic before and after school provision with activities available for all Junior School pupils.

Breakfast and after-school clubs are delivered by Super Camps, the UK’s no.1 for childcare during the school holidays. Wraparound care runs from 7.30am before school and until 6pm after school, offering an exciting range of activities to keep children entertained, with breakfast and snacks included.

During the school holidays, Putney High School parents can also enjoy the additional bonus of 10% off all bookings for summer camps and specialist science camps, which run at the School during the summer holidays.

For further information, please visit the Super Camps website.

Junior Co-curricular Music

Music forms an integral role in the life of Putney High School: singing in harmony and musical performance is developed from an early age. The vast majority of Key Stage 2 girls learn one or more musical instruments and there is an open invitation to present in assembly, boosting confidence and nurturing a love of performance.

There are more than 50 girls in our Junior School orchestra. The Years 5 and 6 choir has been runner-up in the BBC Songs of Praise Choir of the Year competition three times and is regularly asked to perform at events in London and further afield. All girls are invited to perform informally in assembly and other events include the Valentine Music Festival, the Speaking and Listening Festival and Christmas and summer productions.

See our Junior School Choir perform in the 2013 finals of the BBC Songs of Praise Choir of the Year competition, the third time in five years that they have earned such an honour. We were also finalists in the GDST Choir of the Year competition in March 2019.

Listen to our Junior School Choir by clicking here.

GDST Young Choir of the Year

Most mornings, the Junior School starts the day with a whole-school assembly, entertained by a Junior School musician who plays as everyone enters the hall. Putney High School is non-denominational and assembly themes are based on moral values or topical news.

Junior Co-curricular Sport

Throughout the Junior School, girls are encouraged to participate in a range of inclusive extension activities. From Year 3 upwards, girls can also try for places in school teams and take part in fixtures and tournaments against other London schools, as well as in the GDST netball, cross country and swimming rallies.

The PE department strives to give every Year 5 and 6 girl who would like to play sport competitively, the opportunity to compete either against other schools, or in Inter-House competitions.

Pupils can take part in a wide selection of co-curricular sports:
• Athletics
• Dance
• Gymnastics
• Mini Tennis
• Netball
• Rounders
• Skipping
• Swimming
• Tennis

Co-curricular Clubs

The Junior school enjoy a range of over 70 co-curricular clubs, ranging from Mensa, Chess, Library Club, Handwriting, Puzzle Club, Current Affairs, Robotics, World News, Judo, Fencing, Ball Skills, Gym, Streetdance, Gardening, BrainBuilders, Drama, Windband, Mandarin and Spanish to name but a few!


Useful Information

School Uniform

We wear our purple with pride.

Get more details on the Putney school uniform here.

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School Bus Routes

As an eco-friendly school, we are fortunate to benefit from excellent public transport links, and operate several school bus routes from around South West London.

School Bus Services

Frequently Asked Questions

We are sure you will have lots of questions so we have tried to answer most of them for you. Please contact our admissions team if you would like to know more.

Junior FAQs

What's for lunch?

Putney is a nut-free school, but that’s about the only thing you won’t see on our menu over a typical term. We have a wide selection of dishes, with hot and cold food served at every lunchtime.

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Beyond Putney

Putney has a bold, open-minded and adventurous outlook on the world, which is reflected in an exciting programme of trips to destinations across London and the globe. The Junior School is part of this programme, visiting local attractions and embarking on week-long residential trips. All girls are involved from the start – this year, our Reception pupils enjoyed a re-telling of the nativity story involving animals from London Zoo.

Junior Open Days

Experience life at Putney High Junior School for yourself at one of our Open Days.

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