Posted: 3 June, 2020

Design Technology: The Design Movement

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Mr Woodrow asked the students in Years 7-9 to complete three assignment tasks. The first assignment was to research one of the following Design Movements:
  • Bauhaus
  • Streamlining
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Art Nouveau

Their second assignment, was to design and create an article that reflected the movement they had researched in their first assignment.

The third and final assignment is due at the end of the term, it will require students to design and create an interactive game. Students must provide photos of themselves and their family playing the game. Mr Woodrow has suggested hoopla, magnetic fishing and indoor bowls as options for projects, but students are welcome to design and create anything they like as long as it is an interactive game.

See more student design out comes  here.

Image featured left, a final outcome for the first design assignment created by Josephine R-S, Year 8.

Below is the outcome of Lily R’s first assignment. Lily, Year 9,  said,

“This is a 3D sculpture inspired by the Bauhaus design movement. It is inspired by the abstract and colourful artwork of the time which is why I have used simple shapes and stuck them together randomly so they are mismatched and I have painted them in bright colours. The sculpture reflects the modern feel to the Bauhaus movement.”


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