Posted: 24 January, 2023

Lunar New Year Celebrations

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Chinese Calligraphy Workshop

Putney students are celebrating the Lunar New Year this week. After a Chinese Lunar New Year Lunch, students had the opportunity to join a Chinese calligraphy workshop run by the Taiwanese artist Yi Ling Lai who specialises in contemporary Chinese painting and calligraphy.  Pupils designed a ‘春联 chūn lián’(red couplet) with the character ‘春 chūn’ (spring) written on it to celebrate the new year and the beginning of spring. A little bunny was added as it is the year of the rabbit.


A lively performance from the Junior School

The bilingual (Mandarin) students from the Junior School, who all wore the Chinese traditional red clothes, performed a lively and engaging story of the Chinese legend of the beast ‘ Nian’ to the Mandarin Year 7 and Year 11 pupils. Celebrating Chinese New Year or the Spring Festival is also called ‘过年 Guo Nian’, which means surviving in the Nian’s attack. The red becomes the most popular colour for festival celebrations and dressing code.

Activities in Mandarin Lessons

In the Mandarin lessons this week, pupils are getting crafty! They made some ‘红包 hóng bāo’ (red envelopes) which are a traditional gift for children during Chinese New Year. These are typically filled with money and symbolise good wishes and luck for the new year ahead. They also cut some ‘窗花 chuāng huā’ – Chinese paper cutting which they can bring home for some new year decorations.

Time to Shine for Mandarin Bilingual Pupils

Year 8 (Sofia and Sisley ) and Year 10 (Eleanor and Una) Mandarin bilingual pupils presented informative and comprehensive presentations introducing the Lunar New Year legends, food and customs and the Chinese zodiac to other pupils in the year group.

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