Posted: 8 September, 2022

Boston Global Forum – International Coalition of Girls’ Schools

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In June, Putney’s Head of Drama and Head of Physics travelled to Boston, USA along with 30 other GDST colleagues from across the country, to attend the Global Forum on Girls’ Education. Both had completed a two-year action research project, working closely with Putney students.

Head of Drama, Emma Crocombe’s project, “Using Video Recording to Harness the Self-Critic for Girls’ Self-Reflection of Theatre Performance” had already been presented virtually during the pandemic.

Head of Physics, Helen Carrington (pictured bottom row second from left and below), presented her research to teachers from girls’ schools across the globe. Her project entitled “Battling perfectionism: examining the impact of a “pencil principle” scaffold on girls’ confidence to engage with unfamiliar problems in the Physics curriculum” examines ways to combat ‘learned helplessness in girls,’ enabling and encouraging them to problem-solve both in Physics and beyond.

“I found Boston to be an incredibly refreshing and invigorating trip for myself as an educator. Not only was it a fabulous opportunity to present my research, but seeing the wealth of excellent education of the exact style we also deliver, really made me appreciate the value of girls’ schools and what the GDST offers. It is easy to forget but, we don’t have a STEM uptake problem at our school! It isn’t even on the radar as a problem because there is not even a hint that these are “not subjects for girls” and I very much enjoyed being reminded how special that is, whilst chatting to like-minded individuals. Another thought that struck me as I attended workshops, seminars, and lectures was that by far and away, the best content was delivered by my GDST colleagues. I had to travel to Boston to fully appreciate it, but the GDST really does offer something special.”

Helen Carrington, Head of Physics

“It was just an incredible experience. We saw some truly inspiring leaders in the keynote speeches and the number of unique workshops and talks was amazing, if a bit overwhelming! I was proud to represent Putney and the GDST, and grateful for the experience. I came home with lots of new ideas and lots of new connections, both in the UK and across the globe. Boston was valuable on a personal level and will also add value to my students and the drama department as a whole.”

Emma Crocombe, Head of Drama

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