Posted: 9 June, 2014

Behind the scenes at the Year 9 Opera


Preparations for the Year 9 opera, Carmen, are now in full swing. As Teresa Turkheimer, our enthusiastic director, said “It is a really exciting opera that shows the potential of each girl.”

The entire year group is embracing the creativity and imagination needed to create an opera. They were able to choose the areas in which they would most like to participate and began work in costume, set design, publicity, dance, orchestra – or the cast.

Teresa said: “Whilst it has not been too much of a struggle to lead many opinionated Year 9 girls, it has brought challenges.” Teresa has been working with everyone to bring the script to life and says she has been thinking about it since the beginning of the year. It is a job she wanted to “show my responsibility, get to know girls better in the year and to be involved with the music aspects.”

Director of Music Mr Nic Robinson cast Emily Simpson and Octavia Coleman as Carmen, each performing on one of the nights. Both of them are confident and passionate about delivering a great performance. We were able to steal them away from the rehearsals to ask some questions:

Carmen is quite a complicated character. How have you been preparing for the role?

Octavia – lots and lots of practicing! The Drama Department has been helping us

Emily – In rehearsals we have been trying to get into character and embrace Carmen’s flirtatious side.

What is it like singing opera? How are the rehearsals going?

Emily – We’ve got quite a few, big solo pieces and they go quite high. We have to look after our voices!

How are the costumes helping you get into character?

Emily – we tried on our dress today and it was red. The hair and make-up teams have been planning our looks and I can really imagine myself as Carmen.

Octavia – it was just Carmen, it helped me put myself in her shoes.

Everyone behind the scenes has been making costumes and holding very professional fittings for the cast. The sets have been coming along with lots of painting and the orchestra has been perfecting the well known music.

Teresa said: “This opera is going to make the year group stronger and bring us together.”

Year 9 Opera, Carmen by Bizet.

Wednesday 18th and Thursday 19th June. 7-9pm.

by Imaan Ahmad, Year 9

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