Posted: 16 June, 2022

BAFTA Challenge Winners Announced… Fake News?

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We have had another tremendously successful Year 8 BAFTA Competition this year. Students were asked to respond creatively to three current affairs stories: state restriction of access to media and social media, the James Webb telescope and the new space race and space tourism

They could respond in the following media: Film, Radio, Written, Art or Mystery. Students could compete individually, in pairs or in groups.

This year the standard of entry was, once again, outstanding. It was tremendously difficult for the panel of staff to judge and choose winners in each category. However, a decision was reached. Well done to the following:

Film: Lizzy S and Imogen L

Radio: Evangeline M and Lizzy S

Written: Isabella R, Isabella H, Christie M

Art: Lily S

Mystery: Hannah N


Overall winner: Hannah N (pictured left)

We have many budding radio presenters and podcasts evidenced in the radio category. The winners Evangeline and Lizzy did a brilliant ‘NewsBeat’ style report, whilst one of the runners up, Austin and Ananya, did a more long form BBC Radio 4 look at state control of Media. The winning film was an entertaining and informative animation. Isabella R, Isabella H and Christie produced an excellent book featuring in depth analyses of various countries policies and approaches to media control. The most popular category, and one of the hardest to judge, was art. One runner up saw a brilliant look back in London by Isabelle M, whilst the winner allowed us to look into space. Mystery always elicits creative responses. One runner up,  Fiona T, powerfully depicted the effects of space tourism using cake and fire.

The overall winner Hannah N producing a coat and bag named the ‘Marina Coat’ after the heroic newsreader Marina Ovsyannikova. One side portrays fake news, the other factual accounts. The wearer of the coat embodies the state and can choose which narrative to show the world.

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