Although we are an academically selective school, we like to meet every girl who applies to Putney, so first we interview everyone that is interested in joining us.

First steps...

Register your daughter by completing our simple online application form. A non-refundable registration fee of £100 is payable (or £150 for overseas applications) at the time of applying.

When to apply...

You should apply for the Senior School no later than November of the year preceding the desired year of admission.

For entry in September 2019, the closing date for all applications is Monday 5 November 2018.

Putney students are noted for their many wonderful achievements, but they are characterised by their enthusiasm for taking part, their huge capacity for making friends.


Although we are an academically selective school, we like to meet every girl who applies to Putney, so first we interview everyone that is interested in joining us as the first step in getting to know you.

Interviews for entry in September 2019 will take place on Friday 16 November and Thursday 6 December.


We don’t believe in excessive tutoring, or testing in subjects that your child won’t have studied at school, so our exam consists simply of English and Mathematics and is based on the Year 6 National Curriculum

Entrance exams for entry in September 2019 will take place on 9 January 2019

Selection is based upon academic merit but also on our assessment of whether a pupil will flourish within our community.

Yes, we are academically selective, but we also place importance on the interview, references from your daughter’s previous school, and may also take account of other relevant factors or circumstances.

Successful candidates will have an enthusiasm for learning and a strong desire to make a positive contribution towards the life of the school.

Pupils are ardent learners, intellectually curious and sufficiently confident to take risks in their learning.

ISI Report
Autumn 2015

Application enquiries:

Admissions for entry in September 2019 are now closed. Our online application form will open again in January 2019.

To enquire about places in Year 7 or Year 12, or for occasional vacancies in any other year group, please contact

Financial Assistance


Although we are academically selective we are “means blind”, and do everything we can to ensure that girls with promise are able to benefit from a Putney education regardless of their parents’ ability to afford fees.

More about bursaries


Our scholarship programme is designed to recognise potential and offer opportunity. Expectation is high and our staff work with scholars to nurture their progress.  The award of a scholarship brings opportunities and scholars are expected to participate fully in the life of the school.

In the Senior School we offer Academic, Music and Sport scholarships at 11+ (Year 7 entry).  For girls aged 16+, Academic, Art, Design, Drama, Music and Sport scholarships are available. Travel scholarships in Modern Foreign Languages and Sciences are also available for internal applicants.

More about scholarships

Open to all pupils who will be entering Year 5 or 6 in September 2018, ‘Come and Play’ is a fantastic opportunity for pupils new to Putney High School to experience what it is like to play music at the school and to meet some of our current music scholars and teaching staff.

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