Putney is a democratic environment where pupils enjoy a dialogue with their teachers and leading is done by example. Girls take on responsibility at the earliest opportunity, learning that good leadership goes hand-in-hand with teamwork.

Our Head Girl team are elected annually and serve from May to May. They play an essential role in the running of the school acting as an important bridge between students and the teaching body and heading an impressive team of prefects.

Iman Hafeez, Head Girl

Hi, I’m Iman and I am currently studying English, History and Politics. I am also doing an EPQ and I hope to study Law at university.

I’ve been at Putney since Year 7 and I am honoured to have been given the position of Head Girl. As part of my role, I will ensure I work with the students and teachers to create a supportive environment where the students can flourish. I want to inspire all at Putney to involve themselves in the wonderful community, and to explore their passions.

Putney High has given me an immense amount of opportunities that have encouraged me to think outside of the box and develop my interests. I help lead clubs such as Politics Society, House Drama and POCSOC, and I am the co-Editor-in-Chief of the Politics Journal, which has provided me with invaluable leadership experience and teamwork skills. I’ve been able to grow so much at Putney and it is my goal to support the school and the incredible community within it.

I want to inspire all at Putney to involve themselves in the wonderful community, and to explore their passions.

Iman Hafeez
Head Girl 2021/22

Zahra Ahmad, Deputy Head Girl

Hi, I’m Zahra and I am so excited to be a part of the head girl team. This position is so important to me, having been at Putney since reception. I hope I can be a positive influence and help to make everyone’s day a little bit brighter. 

I study Religious Studies, History and Drama as well as an EPQ which focuses on the mass incarceration of black men in America. I hope to study Philosophy at university, as my love for thinking about the ‘big questions’ developed when I started co-running Ethics and Current Affairs Society.

I have always loved being apart of such a welcoming school, where I have participated in Mock Trials and the sixth form musical, Legally Blonde, as well as attending various clubs such as POCSOC, Politics Society and helping to organise House Drama.

I look forward to working with such an amazing team to help inspire and support the Putney community.

Ahana Banerji, Deputy Head Girl

I’m Ahana and I’m delighted to be a part of the team!

I am currently studying English, History, and Religious Studies in addition to an EPQ analysing the philosophy behind the poetry of Sylvia Plath and Allen Ginsberg. I intend to study English Literature at university.

At Putney, I have been provided with so many opportunities. Through my work as editor of the school’s student magazine A Study in Purple, I have found that I am dedicated to elevating the student voice and showcasing the best of Putney, whether that be students’ art, writing, opinions or poetry across all year groups.

Additionally, Putney has hosted creative writing workshops by a series of prolific poets such as Daljit Nagra and Mary Jean Chan which I have attended. The support the school has given my creative work has allowed me to place in various national and international youth poetry competitions, including the Foyle Young Poets of the Year Award in 2019 and 2020.

I am so honoured to be working together with such a brilliant team, and I hope our collective optimism will help generate positive change and foster a warm environment at Putney!

Govhar Dadashova, Deputy Head Girl

Hi, my name is Govhar and I’m currently studying History, Politics and English. In addition, I am doing an EPQ on the relationship between W.E.B. DuBois and Barack Obama, which has allowed me to educate myself further on African-American history. At university, I would love to pursue a joint-honours degree in History and Politics because of my equal passion for both subjects.

Over my seven years at Putney, I have been involved in lots of activities, working with girls across years, and helping represent the student voice where possible. For example, I have really enjoyed being Creative Editor in A Study In Purple in Year 12 and continuing competitive debating in Sixth Form. Similarly, my experience on Student Council and helping run Politics Society this year, alongside being one of Burton’s Deputy House Captains, has taught me the importance of using my voice and being a positive-role model for younger students.

I feel immensely grateful for the opportunity to be one of Putney’s Deputy Head Girls. Being on the Head Girl Team will be an exciting opportunity to use my public-speaking skills and passion for the school, to continue making sure that every student feels represented.

Saskia Pearl, Deputy Head Girl

Hi, I’m Saskia and I’m currently studying Biology, Geography and Maths at A Level, alongside an EPQ that straddles biology and ethics. At university, I hope to study Biology, Anthropology or Human Sciences.

I have been at Putney since Reception and it has provided me with countless opportunities. I have been involved in the orchestra and various other music clubs, gym squad, school council and multiple school plays and musicals. Recently, I created a STEM magazine with my friends, called Under the Microscope, so that students can explore their interests beyond the classroom.

I feel incredibly honoured to be part of the Head Girl team and hope to enact significant positive change. Putney has shaped me into a confident and passionate individual and I just want to make sure that everyone gets the most out of the school.

Isabella Wyatt, Deputy Head Girl

Hi, I’m Izzy and I’m thrilled to be on this year’s head girl team and I can’t wait to become a role model to the younger years, helping to bridge the gap between students and teachers.

I take English, Maths, Psychology and Politics which is a really unique mixture which highlights my many different interests, which Putney has really helped me to curate and fulfil.

Alongside this, Putney encourages us to participate in as many clubs as possible! I participate in choirs and I am currently in the sixth form show Legally Blonde. Additionally, I have taken part in model united nations conferences, as well as netball and volleyball teams and debating competitions.

Putney has given me so many opportunities to do things outside of my comfort zone and I hope to bring the skills learnt through these experiences to my position as deputy head girl.

Life at Putney

Our students enjoy discovering new interests and making friends for life, nurtured and encouraged within a community where kindness, inclusivity and innovation flourish.


Putney pupils are spirited, vibrant and learn to think for themselves, but they also know how to have fun, and most importantly, to really enjoy their time at school.

Suzie Longstaff

Suzie Longstaff
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