Putney is a democratic environment where pupils enjoy a dialogue with their teachers and leading is done by example. Girls take on responsibility at the earliest opportunity, learning that good leadership goes hand-in-hand with teamwork.

Our Head Girl team are elected annually and serve from May to May. They play an essential role in the running of the school acting as an important bridge between students and the teaching body and heading an impressive team of prefects.

Kitty Goodman, Head Girl

Hi, my name is Kitty and currently I am studying Drama, Politics and History at A Level. I have been at Putney since I was tiny and growing up in this school was one of the reasons I applied to be Head Girl.

The application process was a little daunting at first: we had to apply to be a Prefect which involved writing a paragraph about ourselves and then an interview. From there we could go on to apply for the role of Head Girl. This involved delivering a one-minute speech to the whole school. Although a little scary, it was one of my proudest moments from my time at Putney.

I found my love of drama and theatre at Putney so I want to encourage pupils from different year groups to find their passions and to pursue them. Becoming Head Girl is a wonderful opportunity for me to embrace a really great leadership role and I hope to inspire others to do the same.

I believe everyone has something different to offer and I think it’s important we celebrate that individuality.

I believe everyone has something different to offer and I think it’s important we celebrate that individuality.

Kitty Goodman
Head Girl 2019/20

Isabella Mais, Deputy Head Girl

My name is Issey and I have been at Putney since Reception. Since I joined the senior school, I have tried almost every sport available here at Putney and currently am a member of the gymnastics and lacrosse team.

I chose to apply for the position of Deputy Head Girl because I always found the previous team inspiring – they were great role models for me to look up to throughout senior school.

I hoped that I would be selected for the position so I could continue the great work of the current team and try to encourage other girls to get involved with everything that is offered at Putney. I would like to bring a positive influence to the school inspiring the younger girls and representing the student voice.

I currently study Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Further Maths and am doing an EPQ at A level. I hope to go onto to study medicine at university and eventually become a paediatrician or obstetrician. I attend Medical Society, Biology “Hot Topics” as well as tutoring some of the younger girls in Biology, Chemistry and Maths.

Tiffany Chan, Deputy Head Girl

My name is Tiffany and this year is my sixth year at Putney High. I wanted to apply for the Head Girl team because I wanted to represent the school and be a part of the decisions that affect the students.

I am currently studying Physics, Chemistry, Maths, and Further Maths and hope to pursue engineering or physics at university.

I take part in weekly engineering and physics “Hot Topics” talks, where we get to discuss recent discoveries that are outside of the syllabus. I’m also the creative director of our student run magazine ‘A Study in Purple’. Other clubs I enjoy are ‘POCSOC’, (people of colour society,) and Model United Nations. These clubs expand my views and also allow me to meet pupils from younger years.

As a Deputy Head Girl, I hope to work with the whole school community to continue making Putney the friendliest and most fun environment possible.

Rosie Moorhead, Deputy Head Girl

I’m Rosie and I’m currently studying Biology, Chemistry and Maths. In addition, I’m doing an EPQ (extended project qualification) with the hope of studying Biology at university.

The first step to becoming a Deputy Head Girl was applying for the position of Prefect. In my view, a prefect should be a role model showing enthusiasm and commitment to the appointed role, whether that be Careers Prefect or a Sport Prefect.

Student voice is extremely important to me and I want to be involved in presenting and advocating new ideas suggested by fellow students.

I am extremely honored to have been selected for the Head Girl team and I am looking forward to working closely with my colleagues. I want to be involved in presenting and advocating new ideas suggested by fellow students.

I guarantee that I will approach this role with enthusiasm, determination and many ideas to contribute.

Lakshya Ravikumar, Deputy Head Girl

My name is Lakshya and I’ve been at Putney since Year 7. I currently study English Literature, History and Biology at A level and I aspire to study English Literature at university.

Applying for the position of Deputy Head Girl has boosted my confidence and it has been an extremely fulfilling experience, leading me to be a proud member of the Head Girl team with high hopes for the coming year.

As an editor of the school magazine, I was exposed to a range of opinions and ideas coming from students throughout the school. Using my influence as a Deputy Head Girl, I would like to implement what I’ve gathered as an editor and strengthen the student voice at our school so that we can open ourselves up to new topics for discussion and enhance the school community even further.

Additionally, the other members of the team are incredible and I can’t wait to work with them to achieve great things for our school.

Mia Reid-Bashir, Deputy Head Girl

I’m Mia and I’m currently studying Maths, Biology and Chemistry. After Sixth Form I aspire to go to University and eventually join the medical profession.

I was motivated to apply for Deputy Head Girl because during my time at Putney I have been able to find my passion and I am committed to helping every other girl find theirs.

Senior School years bring many challenges as we navigate what feels like significant life changing decisions. Being at Putney has enabled me to find my way, grow in character, strengthen my curiosity and widen my friendships.  As Deputy Head Girl I want to support every student to do the same.

My advice to anyone considering whether they, some day, may wish to apply to be a member of the Head  Girl team would be to absolutely go for it.  The process has inspired me, given clarity as to what I consider important at Putney, and it has been extremely rewarding to witness the support from fellow pupils across year groups.

Life at Putney

Our students leave not only with a top set of results, but with the confidence and the resourcefulness to make their mark in whatever they choose to pursue. Putney is energetic, fun, supportive and above all, down-to-earth.


Putney pupils are spirited, vibrant and learn to think for themselves, but they also know how to have fun, and most importantly, to really enjoy their time at school.

Suzie Longstaff

Suzie Longstaff
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