Putney is a democratic environment where pupils enjoy a dialogue with their teachers and leading is done by example. Girls take on responsibility at the earliest opportunity, learning that good leadership goes hand-in-hand with teamwork.

Our Head Girl team are elected annually and serve from May to May. They play an essential role in the running of the school acting as an important bridge between students and the teaching body and heading an impressive team of prefects.

Martha Pople, Head Girl

Hi, my name is Martha Pople and I’ve been at Putney for 13 years, ever since Reception!

The process of being selected was a tough but highly rewarding one, it included applying for prefect role, which was an interview and a summary on what you think a prefect should be.

After being successful in gaining the prestigious role of a prefect, the next step was the hardest. It included standing up in front of the whole school and having a minute to sell yourself to gain as many of the students votes as possible.

I currently study A Level PE, Business and Psychology, and Maths AS Level. I was so honoured to be selected as Putney High Head Girl as I have always looked up to the Head Girl teams and I cannot wait to be a role model for the younger years.

I am incredibly honoured to have been selected as Putney’s Head Girl for 2018/19 and super excited to work with so many people.

Our responsibilities as a team include organising the prefects to their duties, having meetings with the Headmistress and Deputies each week, acting as a bridge between the students and the teaching body and so much more.

To me, Head Girl means being an ambassador for the school and a role model for the students. I aim to be someone who others can look up to and inspire students to be the best version of themselves.

Martha Pople
Head Girl 2018/19

Connie Claxon, Deputy Head Girl

I’m Connie and I’m studying Music, Geography and Psychology at A-level, with the intention of studying music at university. This is my thirteenth year at Putney – I joined in Reception when I was four years old.

As a Deputy Head Girl, my responsibilities include organising for prefects to attend all the school events, meeting with Mrs Longstaff and the prefect team each week and generally keeping the communication between the staff and the student body running smoothly. The team also recently attended a GDST event where we had the pleasure of meeting other Head Girl teams from across the GDST, which was an amazing experience.

I am so grateful to have been chosen to be a member of this year’s Head Girl team, especially as all the other girls on the team are so lovely! It is an amazing way to spend my final year at Putney High School and I hope that we can help to make this year the best that it can possibly be!

Antonia Cheema-Grubb, Deputy Head Girl

I’m Antonia and I study English Literature, Drama and Spanish. I want to study English at University and then possibly going on to Drama school. I have been a PHS girl since I was 4 years old (purple veteran), which is a testament to how nurturing and supportive this community is.

As a Deputy Head Girl you have to be assertive, an excellent listener and open minded when introducing other’s ideas. I will not only bring determination to this role, but also attempt to relieve school-related-stress by being available to talk to and give advice on how to relax and feel comfortable within your environment.

Everyone is a valued member of the school, and it is good to be recognised as somebody who can be a voice for others. In doing so, I hope to bring the best out of everyone, andhelp the school thrive. The position is prestigious, and I’m honoured to be a part of such a fabulous team, made up of great girls, each with individual talents in different areas.

Above all, I would love to witness Putney embrace more diverse topics and clubs including more educational activities outside of lessons, pressing on issues surrounding young people’s mental health and social media.

I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know many of the girls in younger year groups, and I want to provide the same opportunities, if not more, to future generations of students as it’s such a key factor in creating an empathetic, communicative environment.

Georgia Groves, Deputy Head Girl

My name is Georgia and I study Geography, Biology, Economics and AS Maths, and hope to go on to study Geography at university. I am a Putney girl through and through – I joined Putney at the age of four and I have seen the school morph into the amazing community that it is today!

The Head Girl application system was something that I personally found exhilarating. After being chosen as a prefect we had to write and perform our speeches to the school. This was probably one of the most fulfilling things I have ever done as the sense of self satisfaction was immense.

I hope to bring my fun and bubbly personality to the team and aim to represent the student voice of the school. I also aspire to increase the number of house events held each year. This is something very important to me as I think that everyone needs a ‘team’ in life as it helps you to keep pushing yourself onto greater things.

Alice Kelly, Deputy Head Girl

My name is Alice and the subjects I study are German, French, English and AS Maths. I have been a student at Putney High School for almost as long as I can remember – 11 years!

Currently, my responsibilities as a member of the Head Girl Team have involved allocating prefects for different duties around the school and helping members of staff at various events.

Naturally, I was delighted to become a member of the Head Girl Team! This year I’m looking forward to working with the team to continue the organisation put in place by last year’s Head Girl team, and be a big help to staff and pupils across the school.

Nana Ama Otuo, Deputy Head Girl

My name is Nana Ama Konadu Otuo. I’m currently studying German, Spanish and Maths and I’ve been at Putney since Year 7. It was an incredible moment when my name was read out to become a member of the Head Girl team. I knew from Year 7 that it was a position I would forever aspire to hold, as my love for Putney and its blossoming community grew year after year.

My responsibility on the team is to post updates and notices about events and general notifications on our Prefect Facebook group and to make sure everybody has a good idea of what they are doing. Like everyone else, I also make sure that I’m asking not only prefects, but students and staff throughout the school about their school life and their outlooks on issues where I may be able to help alter or influence a change.

I’m really looking forward to working not just with the team, but with the entire Putney community. In order for things to change for the better and for our community to open itself up in all aspects, we all have to work together and allow our experiences to connect rather than separate us. From there, we grow – and I’m excited to be a part of that.

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