Putney is a democratic environment where pupils enjoy a dialogue with their teachers and leading is done by example. Girls take on responsibility at the earliest opportunity, learning that good leadership goes hand-in-hand with teamwork.

Our Head Girl team are elected annually and serve from May to May. They play an essential role in the running of the school acting as an important bridge between students and the teaching body and heading an impressive team of prefects.

Phoebe Shaw, Head Girl

Hi, I’m Phoebe and I am currently studying Biology, Chemistry and Maths at A level. I am also doing an EPQ and hope to study either Biology or Biochemistry at university.

Having been at Putney since Reception, I am extremely honoured to be given the position of Head Girl. Head Girl is a wonderful opportunity for me to embrace a leadership position and I hope to be a positive role model, inspiring everybody to get involved. I hope to represent the student voice and encourage relationships between years, creating an overall positive community.

Putney has opened up opportunities to me that I would have never imagined possible, from becoming a Wimbledon ball girl to even going to India. I am a member of the 1st lacrosse team and I also participate in choirs and orchestras as well as running a flute group for younger years. I believe that at Putney, everyone has the chance to find their passions and follow them to the fullest. It is my aim to encourage every girl here to take advantage of this.

I hope to represent the student voice and encourage relationships between years, creating an overall positive community.

Phoebe Shaw
Head Girl 2020/21

Ruby Crilly, Deputy Head Girl

I’m Ruby and I’m currently studying Drama, Psychology and Business as well as doing an EPQ involving Psychology and Business intertwined. I hope to study Business with Law in my years at university.

Even though I only started at Putney in September, I feel like I have been here for years and feel very honoured to be put of the Head Girl Team. I have been able to join two new sports teams and carry on my love for drama at Putney. I hope to encourage other girls to take full advantage of everything the school has to offer. It was the best choice I’ve made.

I believe that a Deputy Head Girl should be approachable and willing to face any new challenges or tasks that school provides and I feel that I will bring that commitment to the team. I hope that everyone feels that they have a say in the school and we will try to involve everyone as much as possible.

Vivienne Bartels, Deputy Head Girl

Hi, I’m Vivienne and I’ve been at Putney High since Year 7. I always knew I wanted to be on the Head Girl Team so I could help, influence and be a role model to the younger years, just like all the other Head Girls were to me.

I’m studying Biology, Geography, and Economics, and I’m also doing an EPQ. I hope to go to the United States for university and take many different courses, as I couldn’t imagine myself picking just one. Putney High has given me so many opportunities to explore my many passions and I really want to encourage the younger girls to do the same.

In my time at Putney, I’ve participated in Science Olympiads, Computer Science competitions, Model United Nations conferences and been a part of the Lacrosse and Netball teams. All of this has provided me with invaluable experiences in leadership, self-confidence and teamwork that I will be able to use to help bring the school forward.

Polly Cameron, Deputy Head Girl

Hi, I’m Polly and I’m currently studying English Literature, History and Classics and I intend to study joint honours in English and History at university. Additionally I’m doing an EPQ (extended project qualification) which I’m really enjoying.

Putney really encourages you to pursue your interests so I’ve joined lot of clubs from History Society and choir to rowing and Feminist Book Society. I have also been the editor of the school magazine which has been incredibly fulfilling as I’ve leaned a lot from other students’ perspectives.

I chose to apply for Head Girl as I wanted to contribute to this school and act as a link between students and teachers. Every since Year 7 I have looked up to the Head Girl Team as representatives of the students and I love that I have the opportunity to be just that.

I am honoured that I have been chosen as Deputy Head Girl and I can’t wait to start working with the other girls on the team to make Putney the best it’s going to be.

Emma Leech, Deputy Head Girl

Hello, my name is Emma and I am studying English, Geography and Art for A Level. I am also doing the Extended Project Qualification on my chosen title: To what extent does yoga impact teenage wellbeing?

Since I joined Putney High in September last year I felt instantly encouraged and supported by the warm, welcoming school community. As Deputy Head Girl I hope to create more opportunities for different years to integrate as I have enjoyed doing so through running Year 7 Book Club, playing on the senior netball team and participating in Young Enterprise.

I look forward to approaching this role with enthusiasm and determination and I’m also excited to work collaboratively with the other inspiring members of the team.

Pooja Chhaya, Deputy Head Girl

I’m Pooja , and this is my first year at Putney. I am currently studying Physics, Computer Science, Maths and Further Maths and hope to pursue computer science or engineering at university.

I take part in the weekly POCSOC (People Of Colour Society) where we discuss current issues and I am also a member of Senior Choir. I enjoy helping the lower years with coding and through the maths direct scheme. The maths and physics hot topics also allow me to gain a wider knowledge of my subject. These clubs allow me to communicate with the younger years about the changes they want to see.
Being on the Head Girl Team is a great achievement and I am grateful for the opportunity to act as a role model for the younger students. I am honoured to be selected to be part of the team and I look forward to working alongside my peers in making school a fun and exciting place to learn.

Life at Putney

Our students enjoy discovering new interests and making friends for life, nurtured and encouraged within a kind and down-to-earth community. They leave us with the character, confidence and the resourcefulness to make their mark in the world, equipped with the knowledge and real-world skills to give them the edge.


Putney pupils are spirited, vibrant and learn to think for themselves, but they also know how to have fun, and most importantly, to really enjoy their time at school.

Suzie Longstaff

Suzie Longstaff
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