Posted: 25 October, 2018

A step in the right direction – BREATHE REPORT

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What can you achieve in just five days of change? Putney High School's BREATHE campaign aimed to positively impact its carbon footprint in just one week of small steps. Here's how we did...

Five days of small steps. One large and lasting impact.

Over the course of five days from 24 - 28 September 2018, staff, students and parents put on their walking shoes, jumped on their bicycles and put on that extra jumper in an attempt to jointly cut pollution, reduce waste and demonstrate a measurable impact on our carbon footprint. Here are the results...
Electricity, Gas and Water consumption
Electricity, Gas and Water consumption
Paper Consumption
Paper Consumption
Car Usage
Car Usage

What did we achieve in just five days?

90 or more people in the school lowered their carbon footprint by walking or getting to school quite literally “under their own steam”.

3% more Walking 

3% more Scooting 

3% more Cycling 


Almost 100 fewer people came to school using vehicles that produce strong carbon emissions.

1% less Tube 

3% less Park and Stride 

2% less Car Share 

MP Justine Greening launches our week-long campaign with Suzie Longstaff

MP Justine Greening launches our week-long campaign with Suzie Longstaff

Putney’s “BREATHE” initiative was developed to make a positive impact on the lives of Wandsworth school children and local residents by tackling environmental issues in our borough.

Launched by MP Justine Greening on 24 September 2018, we planned to reduce the carbon footprint of our school by launching some simple initiatives to cut pollution levels, recycle more efficiently, reduce food waste and cut unnecessary use of electricity, over one week.

By reducing the number of pupils and parents coming to school by car for just five days – asking them to either walk, cycle or take one of TFL’s new green buses instead – we wanted to demonstrate a measurable reduction in pollution levels that could encourage a long term change in behaviour.

We gathered data throughout the week to document and measure all the efforts made and to show how much is possible with a relatively small shift in mindset and when local community pulls together.

Well done everyone for embracing the spirit of BREATHE week and showing the benefits that can be achieved from just a few small changes. Keep up the good work!

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