Posted: 19 March, 2014

A glimpse of Oxbridge life


We began the day nestled in our seats on the train, in a state of anticipation about our visit to the illustrious Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford.

Thoughts of controlled assessments flitted through our minds but were quickly quashed by views of the pleasant landscape rolling past the window and delight at what was turning out to be a very lovely day.

On arrival we skirted around Oxford on our brisk walk to what is renowned to be one of Oxford’s most well-facilitated colleges. Greeted with tea and biscuits we were welcomed into the bosom of collegiate life.

My first lecture was about “Picturing Politics in Tudor and Stuart England”. In the first row with notebook and pen ready, I was already excited to be in a proper lecture hall. The 45-minute lecture was particularly interesting as it explained the importance that rulers placed in oil painting to instill their monarchical authority.

After lunch we had our second lecture on “What is Real? Dreams, The Matrix and other realities.” This lecture on theology was a rabbit hole of mind-boggling unanswerable questions. I emerged feeling utterly exhilarated after the lecturer had covered so swiftly issues such as: What are dreams? Are we real? What would our world be like if moments in history had happened differently?

We were then paired with Ailsa Cookson, a Putney old girl, who enthused to us about LMH as we were shown around the college. The most attractive thing seemed to be its beautiful grounds, where we were told students regularly had picnics and frolicked in the sun.

For our final lecture we were taken to an old room with high ceilings, where the sun shone through large bay windows. The resident artist at LMH spoke to us in calm measured tones about her residency in Greenland. I was enchanted by how she leads her life by letting her love of books drive her choices.

A wonderful way of gaining an insight into life at university.

Victoria Stewart, Year 11

March 2014

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