Posted: 1 September, 2018

A Day in the Life of a Sixth Former

Sixth Form

Emma is studying for A Levels in Chemistry, Physics, Biology and French. Here she describes a typical day...

I cycle to school every morning up the hill, and when I arrive at school I usually have 20 minutes in my form room to read a book or finish off a piece of homework from the night before.

I usually have a lesson in the Science building in the morning, and since I do mostly science subjects, I do a lot of practical work, a recent one being making esters with Mr Walia in Chemistry, which was fun apart from the fact that mine caught fire!

We have something called Curriculum Plus during second period on a Thursday, where we have speakers come in to talk to us about a whole range of interesting topics which don’t necessarily have to fall under the subjects that we’re studying. Topics have included historical figures, MRI scanning, the issues of FGM, and many more – they can be both eye-opening and engaging.

There’s a 20 minute break after period 2 – time to buy a panini and a smoothie at the sixth form diner. The food is absolutely delicious, and they have vegan and gluten-free options.

Then it’s Physics, where we enjoy hounding Mr Ogretme with difficult questions: How can the reach of gravity be infinite? How can a neutrino pass through solid things? How is it possible that…? He always tries to answer us to the best of his ability, even if what we’re talking about is a bit more complicated than the A level course.

Next is Biology with Mr O’Brien, and recently we did a practical to see how caffeine affects reaction time. All of us drank some Coke, and while we waited for the caffeine to kick in, we did some work on a specific neurotoxins we’d been assigned to research.

We have lunch in the diner – there are delicious hot meals (with free cake!) and I usually sit and have a chat with my friends, or do some work. There are Hot Topic talks after lunch – teachers of a specific subject invite students to a discussion about a certain topic. In Physics, we made a cathode explode and filled the whole room with smoke during one of these, but we usually go into more depth about what we’re studying in class, and discuss the subject in current affairs. I really enjoy going to these Hot Topic talks because I get to learn about many more things than I would just by following the A level syllabus.

Last period, I have French with Mrs Milne, which is a welcome change from my day of science. We’re currently reading ‘L’Etranger’, which is a book on existentialism from the 1950s. I really like going into the philosophical implications and historical significance surrounding the novel, as well as the language itself, because it gives us a wider view on how French was and is applied to the everyday world.

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