Head Girl Team

Meet our Head Girl team for 2017-18.


Read about our newly elected Head Girl Team for 2018-19.

Teresa Turkheimer

My name is Teresa Turkheimer and I take Spanish, Maths and Government and Politics for A level. 

I joined Putney High School in Year 7 when I was 11.

My responsibilities as Head Girl are to ensure any queries, issues, problems or thoughts of students throughout the school are taken to those who hold the executive positions within the staff: Headmistress, Deputy Headmistresses and Heads of Deptartments. I also attend various Putney events and act as a representative of the girls at school. 

Being chosen to be part of the Head Girl team is an incredible opportunity. It's a great honour to be able to represent my fellow students and make sure their voice is heard at all times. 

Throughout the year, while getting involved in all the various Putney activities and Head Girl responsibilities, I hope to develop strong leadership and communication skills, ensuring a better and more connected school network. So far, it has been highly enjoyable and I am looking forward to the months ahead.


Tatiana Cooke

My name is Tatiana Cooke. I joined the school in Year 7 and I am currently studying History, Maths and Mandarin at A level. All the Head Girls represent the student body at school events, from helping out at Careers Evenings, to giving speeches at Open Days. 

Our Head Girl team has split into two, with Orla and I in change of giving and organising tours for prospective parents and students, as well as members of FOPHS or the GDST. We also all have a meeting with Mrs Longstaff every Thursday to discuss more ideas about how to improve the school and ways to relieve the stress of students, especially during exam periods.

I was honoured to be chosen for the Head Girl team as, ever since my first year at Putney, I have looked up to the Head Girls. I therefore think it is important to be a role model within the school for other students, as well as to listen, offer guidance and inspire students, creating a memorable environment.

I am really enjoying my time on the Head Girl team. I hope that I am able to continue to develop my leadership skills through the opportunities the Head Girl team is available to, including the recent leadership conference to Bath. I also hope to continue and try my hardest to make sure that younger members of our school are able to enjoy themselves in an environment where they can flourish.

Priya Chhaya

My name is Priya and I'm a Deputy Head Girl studying Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Chemistry. I joined Putney High School in Year 9 from a school in Hong Kong, and my 5 years here have been an incredibly positive experience.

My responsibilities in the Head Girl team are to coordinate with Charlie and assign the prefects their roles for school events, to ensure everything runs smoothly when parents evenings, concerts and plays occur. To be chosen to be in the Head Girl team means that I am able to give back to the school which has given me so much, even by just trying to be the best role model for younger students as possible.

Within my role, I hope to encourage girls in the school to pursue leadership positions, to pursue their love of STEM subjects and most importantly, to take full advantage of all the opportunities Putney has on offer, because they will have the best time doing so.

Charlie Catterall

My name is Charlie Catterall, and I study A Level Maths, Geography and Biology, and I’m loving all three! As I joined in Reception (when I was only four), Putney has been a large part of my life since I was very young.

I am one of four Deputy Head girls at Putney, and my main role is to organise and coordinate the prefect team and allocate them to events and organised activities, for example the PIE+ events we hold after school. Being part of the Head Girl team has always been a hope since I was very young, and it is such a nice feeling to know you have mutual respect from both peers and teachers.

During my role as Deputy Head Girl, I hope to be a communicating voice between the pupils and staff, and an overall role model for younger years. I’ve loved my time so far as part of the Head Girl team, and I’d recommend applying to anyone!

Orla Choo

My name is Orla and I'm one of the Deputy Head Girls. I have been at Putney since Year 7 and I study English, History and Maths. My responsibilities on the Head Girl team are to give tours to prospective students, create rotas for assembly and lost property and help out at school events. I think that one of the most important responsibilities of the Head Girl team is acting as a role model within the school. By simply leading an example to the current pupils, we could be positively influencing the most successful women of the future. 

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