Welcome Putney Alumnae

Putney was never for one type of girl...it was for the iconoclast, the creative, girls who wanted to change the world."
Alumna: Sandie Okoro

A big part of what makes Putney High School special is the connection between current students and you as an Alumna. It is great for the girls still at school to be able to see what role models Putney Alumnae are, whatever path they have followed. This is why we ask our alumnae to keep in touch, and be part of the Putney High School Alumnae Association.

Whether you leave the school at A Levels or before then, you are a Putney Alumna! From the moment you leave Putney High School, you will be able to take advantage of all that being a Putney and a GDST alumna has to offer.

  • E-newsletter once every half term from Putney, once a term from the GDST, filled with news of the school and upcoming events
  • Invitation to your 5 Year Reunion at Putney, and then the May reunion every year after that
  • Our ‘find a friend’ service if you lose touch with friends

We hope you will enjoy receiving all this information, but of course it only works if we have all of your up-to-date details.

Send us an email with your current details to stay in touch. You can also follow us on social media to stay up to date with everything going on at school and with our alumnae community.

View our Alumnae Archives.

Why be part of Putney’s Alumnae Association?

However long ago you left Putney, you are automatically a member of the Putney High School Alumnae Association (PHSOGA). There is no membership fee, but there are plenty of benefits.

As an Alumna, you are invited to Putney reunions and exclusive GDST events; kept up to date with news from the school, other Putney alumnae, and the wider GDST alumnae network; and have access to networking groups in different countries, universities and industries. Crucially, you can make a real impact at the school by coming back and talking to current students or by supporting appeals such as the Putney Fund.

Keep in touch

We want to keep you connected to each other and to the school; we would love to hear your news and see your photos. To make sure we have your up to date details and keep sending you relevant updates and invitations, please email Henrietta Mayers in the Development Office or update your details directly on the GDST website. 

Please take a moment to update your details so that we are able to stay in touch and send you copies of our Old Girls’ newsletter and alumnae e-bulletin. 

We would also be very grateful if you could indicate whether you might be in a position to help our girls with careers advice, mentoring or work experience placements.

Reconnect with us

If you have just finished university or are just about to then we would like to hear from you. Please take a moment to complete our secure online form so that we are able to stay in touch and keep our records up to date. This means we can invite you to alumnae events which match your subject studied or chosen vocation, invite you back for alumnae career lunches and follow your exciting career as it unfolds.

We are committed to keeping your records as accurate as possible. We will only use this information for alumnae services and/or to contact you on behalf of Putney High School or the GDST. 

Your information will not be shared with or divulged to any person or organisation outside the GDST, its schools, relevant alumni associations or organisations working on its behalf without your permission.

New Putney Alumnae Archives

We are thrilled to have made some of Putney High School’s archives available online for alumnae to enjoy. Click here to relive some of your school memories or visit www.PutneyHigharchives.co.uk

Support the School

There are many ways Old Girls can support Putney High School, whether through sharing your experience through Careers and Mentoring, or bringing your classmates together by organising your class reunion, or attending an event.

If you feel you can support the school by making a donation, whether directly through the Putney Fund, through your business, or a more long-term gift in your Will, thank you for thinking of us.

You can find out more about making a Legacy Gift, start a direct debit, or make a gift online on our Support Us pages.

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