Moving Up

Although we are one school, from Reception to Year 13, we are aware of the gradual progression and the transition stages that are still involved. We try to make this adjustment as easy as possible.

Applying for the Senior School

We are proud of our ‘one school’ ethos and it is our wish that all Junior School girls transfer to the Senior School. Feedback from Senior School staff indicates that our Junior School girls settle in extremely quickly to the new routines and challenges of Year 7. They have the advantage of knowing some Senior School staff and are familiar with the site. Throughout their time in the Junior School, girls enjoy lessons in the Senior School gym, go to performances in the Senior School and enjoy a daily lunch in the Cafeteria. Senior girls are regular visitors and performers in Junior School assemblies and volunteer to help in Key Stage1 classrooms.

Year 4 and 5 parents are given priority bookings to tour the Senior School at the Open Days which are held annually in October. This is an excellent opportunity to find out what happens in Year 7 and beyond. 

Year 5 girls are invited to an exclusive Open Morning held at the Senior School in May. This gives them the chance to sample some Year 7 lessons and get a flavour of what life will be like in the Senior School.

Shared activities are planned for Year 6 and Year 7 so that Year 6 girls are familiar with the Senior School.

Gaining a place in the Senior School

Entry to the Senior School at the end of Year 6 is not automatic. However, our girls do not have to compete with external candidates for a place: they just have to qualify for one. In the January of Year 6 all girls take part in the Senior School entrance tests. Almost all girls transfer successfully and are also eligible for academic, music and sports scholarships.   

Early Confirmation of Assured Place

Our girls have the advantage of being assessed throughout their time in the Junior School. This means that a girl, her parents and teachers are fully aware of how well she is progressing and whether she is working at the expected level of attainment for her year group. From Year 4 onwards, she is introduced to study and revision skills in preparation for more formal testing. The school uses the results of end-of-year tests and the on-going assessment of each girl’s performance throughout the year to inform parents about her progression with a view to a successful transfer into Year 7.

Settling into Year 7

We want to ensure that transition from Year 6 is as smooth as possible. In the summer term of Year 6, we invite new girls into school for two days of orientation, fun activities and information, so that by September, they already feel that they belong at Putney. Year 7 also participate in a Team-Building day within the first few weeks, which consolidates those new friendships. Each student in Year 6 will also be visited in their Primary school by a member of our Senior Staff before the end of the Summer Term.

Moving into Sixth Form

All girls in Year 10 are supported in this transition by a designated Transition Tutor, who meets with them regularly to mentor them through the important choices they have to make at this stage. We discuss potential A Level options, university aspirations and even potential careers, as well as keeping an eye on their progress during GCSEs. In the Summer Term of Year 10, the Year group participate in Taster Days so that they have a foretaste of what life in our Sixth Form is like.

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