Senior School

The Senior School is a vibrant and spirited community where pupils are encouraged to have a voice in every aspect of school life. They are motivated by a relentless curiosity, and question and consider the ideas and concepts that they encounter, stimulated by teachers who are equally inspired by the debate.

Whilst there is a great sense of community at Putney High School, it is a community which celebrates a diverse range of individual talents. Pupils have the freedom to pursue their passions across a range of subjects. The incredible array of co-curricular activities enables them to delve deeper still or to explore topics well beyond the scope of the syllabus, for example through clubs such as coding and debating and our range of PIE seminars, as well as providing the opportunity to pick up new sports, take part in musical and drama ensembles at all levels and to learn new skills. Putney pupils pick their own unique path, and the result is that on a typical day you may find pupils resting in a peaceful space, leading a music rehearsal or volunteering for a cause they are passionate about.

In all that they do they are supported by a highly qualified pastoral team, who help the girls to celebrate their individuality, reflect on who they are and what values are important to them. It is the pupils themselves who shape so much of the culture at Putney High School, and our objective is to provide them with the support that they need to do so with confidence.

Mrs Heidi Armstrong, Deputy Head (Pastoral)
BA Hons (Nottingham), German

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