Pie Squared


PIEis a school day like no other. On October 9th our entire student body of Senior School students and all staff will be released from their timetable to engage in an alternative learning experience.

The day will include a keynote speech, talks from guest experts, workshops, panel debates and the opportunity for students to submit questions via a video booth, as well as a whole host of interactive activities online. We want to cater to the interests and strengths of all our students and present a series of inspirational industry leaders who will introduce them to a range of challenging ideas. This will include the chance to interact with them in small groups and speak to them directly, in a rare 1:1 interaction.

PIE2 is designed to push the boundaries of school education and to provide our community with the space to explore those particular ideas that stimulate their individual curiosities. Our girls are fantastically diligent and exceedingly driven, and we want to encourage them to think beyond the normal limits of the curriculum.

Pie2 will give our students the chance to face unanswerable questions and explore ideas they’ve never before encountered. It is the confidence to tackle the unknowable that we hope our girls will take forward in their future learning, in a world where facts must be challenged when deciphering the truth.

But it’s not just Putney High School students who will benefit. We also invite two state schools (Ark Putney and The Priory CofE) to join in the day, thus strengthening our relationships and collaboration with partner schools and the local community. We will also livestream the event, sharing the spirit of a Putney education with our online audience.

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